mine of information

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mine of information

Someone or something that contains a lot of knowledge about a particular topic. You should ask Amanda for advice about your cake recipe—she's a mine of information about baking.
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mine of information

Fig. someone or something that is full of information. Grandfather is a mine of information about World War II. The new search engine is a positive mine of useful information.
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a mine of inforˈmation (about/on somebody/something)

a person, book, etc. that can give you a lot of information on a particular subject: My grandmother was a mine of information on the family’s history.People criticize television, but for children it’s a mine of information.
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mine of information, a

A good source of data. The term is sometimes used ironically: Our family privately used to describe a particular history teacher as a gold mine of misinformation (based on our children’s quotations of her dicta). The word mine has been used figuratively to mean an abundant supply since the sixteenth century. The OED quotes a 1905 issue of Athenaeum: “Her book is a mine of valuable information.”
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IFEAT (international Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades) has created a veritable mine of information by adding a database of lecture papers to its official website--www.ifeat.org The papers, selected from the annual IFEAT conferences over the past decade, provide a valuable reference tool for the essential oil and aroma chemicals industries.
The Conceptual art-era preference for unadorned documentation, the audience members willing to forgo chairs (try asking a Prada-clad audience to do this today), and the no-to-virtuosity, no-to-spectacle (as Yvonne Rainer put it in her manifesto of 1965) demeanor of the performer constitute a gold mine of information about the context, the mores, and the stakes that evening thirty years ago.
The footnotes are a mine of information, and in them Rosand replays (and continues) some of the hotter connoisseurial questions of recent decades: his and Peter Dreyer's debate over Titian's drawings, for example, or the challenges to Michelangelo's oeuvre made by Alexander Perrig and others.
U.K.-based Nicholas Hall & Company has released a new study called "Herbal, Complementary & Alternative Medicines: Connecting to New Realities." Published in two volumes and with over 370 charts and tables, the study is a mine of information on ingredients and the science behind them, together with critical economic analysis of existing treatments versus alternatives for conditions ranging from osteoporosis and benign prostatic hyperplasia to Alzheimer's and heart disease.
"The Cost of the Country House" is a mine of information gleaned from estimates, bill books, ledgers, agreements, and the like.
This book is the most detailed, comprehensive, and accurate account ever published on the business history of an Alberta region.Some forty personal interviews, hundreds of personal papers, government documents, and other sources have enabled the author to create a veritable gold mine of information on the early retailers, bankers, farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and others in the region.
It is a delight to skim through and a mine of information to draw on when needed.
This mine of information is what should encourage and inspire musicians to seek out this music for performance.
Later, on 4 September 1952, Van Vechten assessed Hughes's letters to him thus: "warm (showing how colored and white get along on occasion), intimate, full of references to every living thing, and a mine of information about Negro habits and doings, full of enclosures, rich in folklore, and fabulous in friendship."
ceiling-high stacks of boxes." One of the boxes provides a gold mine of information about adverse drug events.
Pendel, who's a tailor to the rich and powerful, turns out to be a mine of information - all 100 per cent synthetic.
As always, the footnotes in a Finnis book constitute a gold mine of information indicating his deep study and reflection on Aquinas.
This is not a book for beginners but is a mine of information for those more familiar with the field.
"There's a gold mine of information in the data--the value of the total density of the universe, the density [of ordinary matter], the value of the Hubble constant," notes Turner.
The Internet is a tremendous mine of information, so start digging.