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Some of the more promising approaches now in development employ chemical and biological sensors to detect traces of explosives emitted by mines.
In 1922, for example, the company commented favorably on deputy Emilio Tizzani's visit to the mine and to the Academia de Extension Cultural de Teniente "C" as an important step in winning politicians' support for state welfare programs and for state intervention in labor-capital relations.
It is a safe bet to say that, during the daylight hours of every day of every week of every month of every year, someone is maimed or killed by a land mine every 15 minutes.
She also fears these earthquakes could break open a pond that Crowne Butte wants to build to store toxic waste material from the mine.
With the challenge of developing this mine, (Crystallex) is moving to a completely new level," says Cottin.
In fact, the most acidic water in the world is found in underground mine workings at the Iron Mountain mine in northern California, according to research published in the 30 March 1999 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by D.
On January 27, 1891, 109 miners died in an explosion at the Mammoth mine in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
This activity aims to better determine the location and extent of underground mine workings, in addition to evaluating the potential to mine remnant gold mineralization as part of an open-pit mining operation.
The largest insurer that's underwriting coal mines is American International Group Inc.
The United States maintains a stockpile of more than ten million land mines and insists on the right to produce more and to use them when it sees fit.
Barrick wants to begin construction on the mine by year-end, but a last-minute challenge by environmental groups has stalled final regulatory approval.
Particularly outstanding in the first group of coal papers are an overview on the effects of longwall mining on aquifers (Booth), and a case study on the assessment, prediction and management of long-term, post-closure water quality at a South African coal mine (Hattingh et al.
The US government has a been a strong and steady supporter of humanitarian mine action going back to the late 1980s when we and some other nations began to recognize the magnitude of the global problem caused by persistent landmines left in the ground by irresponsible combatants, often leaving a deadly hazard in place long after the hostilities were a distant memory.