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He covers the natural environment vis-a-vis human cultural space; natives, newcomers, and social networking in a multicultural society; defining Finnishness; impressions from the drive for independence; the secrets of Finnish entrepreneurship: know-how and inventiveness; what makes Finland's school education so efficient and how important language choices are for knowledge construction, global manifestations of the Finnish cultural mind, and minding one's own business and that of others in a cooperative fashion as a Finnish recipe for world peace.
As minding one's own business proves not to be an option in the joint, Wade immediately becomes enmeshed in conflicts not of his own making.
Conniff might take note that to many members of the queer community, minding one's own business is a synonym for hiding one's sexuality behind a well-tended facade of middle class respectability.
She ends her diatribe by claiming that minding one's own business is a "lowly virtue.
A respected mastro (master craftsman) and paterfamilias in a community that inculcates a sense of omerta a code of silence and of minding one's own business, he fears the consequences for himself and his family, his reputation, their standing in the community, if he were to go to the authorities -- strangers in the community, representatives of a legal system imposed from the outside -- to implicate a prominent member of the community.
The idea of minding one's own business, of course, was not restricted to saloongoers.
While minding one's own business is important, snitching is a recognized activity and not frowned upon as it is in male prisons.