mind your step

mind (one's) step

1. Literally, to attentively look where one is placing one's feet while walking, running, etc. This trail hasn't been maintained very well by the park, so mind your step.
2. By extension, to be wary of or cautious about what one does while in a tense, dangerous, or delicate situation. Though she's renowned for her tough stance and bold, direct talk, she'll need to mind her step now that she's dealing with leaders from around the world.
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mind (or watch) your step

be careful.
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mind/watch your ˈstep

1 walk carefully: Mind your step, it’s wet there.
2 behave or act carefully: You’ve got to watch your step with Simon. He gets angry very quickly.
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References in classic literature ?
"Mind your step," is the last word and warning of twentieth- century city life.
"So if you guys want to stick around, mind your step, that's all, mind your step."
After being presented in Bassano del Grappa and Dublin, the dance performance Mind Your Step will be performed in Matallos square as part of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 events.
BETTER mind your step if you see pavement artist Julian Beever at work...
Your mother and the rest of your family, never mind your step father, won't want to hear it.
Mr E O'Grady, who partnered Mind Your Step in this race, was banned for 10 race days for excessive and unnecessary use of the whip.
When the Red-Headed Stranger steps out with Tequila Sheila, you'd better mind your step.
The pick of dance events is Mind Your Step, which will bring together actors from Europe and Cyprus who will connect modern dance with the urban landscape.
MIND YOUR STEP: Dunlop and RS Sports clash in the Boyd Carpenter Cup on Saturday.
The 14-1 outsider Lord Sage (TJ Nagle) beat Mind Your Step (Tom Lombard) by three lengths in the confined maiden while Billy Flavin's Thyne Will Tell (Brian Moran) was an impressive winner of the four-year-old maiden.
An enjoyable shambles at times, of course, although even then it's usually for the wrong reasons (mind your step Hannah).
YOU have to mind your step when you are on holiday in Thailand as this cautionary sign for visitors to a temple shows.
YOU have to mind your step when you are on holiday in Thailand -- as this cautionary sign for visitors to a temple shows.
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