mind your back

mind your back(s)

Make way or be careful because someone behind you is trying to move past you. Mind your backs, we're coming through with an extremely hot pot of water!
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mind your back (or backs)

used to warn inattentive bystanders that someone wants to get past. informal
See also: back, mind
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lBarney Curley and Declan Murphy continue their time on the wrong side of the stewards, where they seem to have spent most of the season, when Ardbrin goes from 5-4 to 9-4 and is third behind Mind Your Back (Jimmy FitzGerald/ Mark Dwyer) in the novices' hurdle at Nottingham.
Mind your back! Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte star in part one of the nine-part horse racing drama series called Luck (Sky Atlantic, 9pm).