mind of (one's) own

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mind of (one's) own

The propensity or ability to think, act, or form opinions without outside influence. It is often used (humorously) to describe an inanimate object that cannot be controlled by its owner. I tried to tell him that wasn't the best decision to make under those circumstances, but you know he has a mind of his own, and he did it anyway. I swear, my vacuum has a mind of its own! It turns on in the middle of the night when we're all asleep!
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a mind of its own

A tendency to be unresponsive to human will: The car had a mind of its own and seemed to start only when it felt like it.
See also: mind, of, own

a mind of (one's) own

A capacity or inclination to think or act independently: a reporter with a mind of her own.
See also: mind, of, own
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Most of our work is very controlled, but ice has a mind of its own, and everything is temporary.
Acanthus has a mind of its own and spreads by thick, fleshy roots.
A supermarket trolley has a mind of its own," - Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison "I likened it to being hit by an Eddie Stobart truck every morning and several times throughout the day," - Former Commons deputy speaker Nigel Evans on being wrongly accused of a string of sex assaults.
The pendulum seemed to have a mind of its own, and you couldn't tell where it would go.
I can't bring myself to pay for porn, but my laptop seems to have a mind of its own sometimes when I'm working and suddenly find myself on the YouPorn site [Viewpoint, August].
The audience has a mind of its own, and that mind doesn't care very much about the creator's intentions.
There are still affordable spaces available for tenants that are unable to pay for the upgraded space, but the market has a mind of its own, and right now costs and rents are both high, and landlords and tenants alike are feeling the effects.
I am getting a bit sick of it - it's like it's developing a mind of its own.
POET'S CORNER</p> <pre> Just go, don't think about it Feel the speed pick up, grip it, there I go The board has a mind of its own Sometimes it's uncontrollable, like a cat on catnip, This time it doesn't Pavement, here it is at my face Pants are ripped like shreds Arm and leg are gashed Oh it burns like an endless fire that will never stop, There are guys everywhere I want to cry as much as the world But I can't, I would look like such a poser or even worse, A girly gift who just came there to check out guys, Band-aids So many I can't even count I feel stupid for falling, that was an easy ride As easy as a pedal down a fiat street
HERBIE: FULLY LOADED (U) Lindsay Lohan takes wheel of VW with mind of its own.
She drops to the floor and pushes it, allowing the wheelchair to twist and turn as if it has a mind of its own.
Miss Maggie might have a license to drive, but this machine has a mind of its own and is about to become a NASCAR competitor.
The problem is, Lance seems to be have been landed with a limb with a mind of its own making him wonder where the hell it came from.