mind of (one's) own

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mind of (one's) own

The propensity or ability to think, act, or form opinions without outside influence. It is often used (humorously) to describe an inanimate object that cannot be controlled by its owner. I tried to tell him that wasn't the best decision to make under those circumstances, but you know he has a mind of his own, and he did it anyway. I swear, my vacuum has a mind of its own! It turns on in the middle of the night when we're all asleep!
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a mind of its own

A tendency to be unresponsive to human will: The car had a mind of its own and seemed to start only when it felt like it.
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a mind of (one's) own

A capacity or inclination to think or act independently: a reporter with a mind of her own.
See also: mind, of, own
References in classic literature ?
Can a man have no soul of his own, no mind of his own? Must he go wrong all through wi' this side, or must he go wrong all through wi' that, or else be hunted like a hare?'
Remembering a free-spirited, adventurous child with a strong will and a mind of his own. Remembering a good-hearted man who was always so thoughtful and caring, always so helpful and giving of himself to others without expecting anything in return.
He's an MP with a mind of his own who is never short of things to say.
Clearly he's a dog with a mind of his own - 15 of his last 16 wins have been by half a length or less, he has been in three dead-heats and beaten narrowly on countless occasions, finishing second 59 times.
NEWSBOY SAYS: Another with a mind of his own. Fine 4th in Cheltenham Gold Cup means he is more than a stone 'well in' at the weights, but strong doubts over whether this will be his cup of tea.
Steely, determined, a mind of his own - and not afraid to say what needs to be said, even if he was giving his PR guy a heart attack as he said it.
Or is he to abandon his own principles and vote in accordance with 'the people's views' as if he had no mind of his own.
While none of these authors has a good thing to say about Lieberman, most speak favorably of former senator Bob Kerrey, who supports both the Iraq war and Social Security privatization, not out of trepidatious calculation, but as a happy warrior with a mind of his own. There is a theory of a political party implicit here, but in only one of these books--Crashing the Gate by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga--does it really become clear.
The trainer admits the horse can at times have a mind of his own but his form this season suggests he's not afraid to dig in when required.
But Simon Glass has a mind of his own, and while he does win popularity thanks to Rob's scheming, he also ferrets out Rob's terrible family secret, bringing about a shockingly violent climax.
My son certainly has a mind of his own and he gets pretty stroppy with us if he doesn't get his own way.
Like most of the 25-year-olds we've spoken to, Rufus Wainwright has a mind of his own.
Owner Jean Bartlett, 64, of Plymouth, said yesterday: "George has got a mind of his own and won't do anything unless he wants to.
"He has a mind of his own," said Mary Reveley, referring to Sad Mad Bad, now the winner of 11 races over jumps.
Mind you, the five-year-old can have a mind of his own. He showed temperament problems in his two National Hunt Flat starts and looked a possib le tricky customer in his hurdling debut at Chepstow.