millstone around (one's) neck

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millstone around (one's) neck

A heavy burden. I wish I hadn't bought that house—the mortgage is a millstone around my neck.
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millstone around one's neck

A heavy burden, as in Julie finds Grandma, who is crabby, a millstone around her neck. The literal hanging of a millstone about the neck is mentioned as a punishment in the New Testament (Matthew 18:6), causing the miscreant to be drowned. Its present figurative use was first recorded in a history of the Quakers (c. 1720).
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a millstone around your neck


a millstone round your neck

COMMON If something is a millstone around your neck or a millstone round your neck, it is a very unpleasant problem or responsibility that you cannot escape from. The country's inefficient telephone company has been a millstone round the government's neck. Long-term illness can make you feel like a millstone around your family's necks. Note: Millstone is often used on its own with this meaning. There is the continuing millstone of the country's enormous foreign debt. Note: A millstone is one of a pair of very heavy round flat stones which are used to grind grain. Jesus referred to children in Matthew 18:5 by saying, `Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.'
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a millstone round your neck

a very severe impediment or disadvantage.
A millstone was a large circular stone used to grind corn. The phrase alludes to a method of executing people by throwing them into deep water with a heavy stone attached to them, a fate believed to have been suffered by several early Christian martyrs.
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a millstone around/round somebody’s ˈneck

something which limits your freedom or makes you worry: My debts are a millstone round my neck.A millstone is a very large heavy flat stone used to crush grain to make flour. This phrase refers to an old form of punishing people by tying a heavy stone around their necks and dropping them into deep water to drown.
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But, for thousands of people in County Durham, the "nest egg" is becoming a millstone around their necks.
On-premise software is slowly becoming a millstone around their necks, and recommending SS is becoming a compulsion.
While it is the law of the land to pay it the property tax is an outrageous charge, particularly when people's houses are already a millstone around their necks - and a major obstacle to our economy recovering.
The fees aren't the fault of either player, and hopefully won't prove to be a millstone around their necks.
Students have to face thousands of pounds in fees - a millstone around their necks.
The Rhinos have dominated Super League's Grand Final, with four Old Trafford triumphs in the last six years, but their failure to make their mark on the famous Challenge Cup continues to hang like a millstone around their necks.
Firms argue that the bills are a millstone around their necks as they remain as a liability on the balance sheet.
TIGER BEAT: Hull City boss Phil Brown entertains a sold-out KC Stadium with a song or two after the Tigers' survival in the top flight was confimed on the last day of the season SITTING PRETTY: Will Cardiff City's impressive new home serve to inspire the players, as it did Hull City, or prove a millstone around their necks as with Southampton
As they see the markets recover, firms will close off final salary schemes to ensure they do not hit another downturn with that millstone around their necks.
Access is there to provide a lifeboat - not another millstone around their necks.
City need to bed into their new surroundings quickly and not do a "Southampton" where playing at their new ground became a millstone around their necks.
THE WISE old head of Peter Thorne finally conjured a home victory for Cardiff that had become a millstone around their necks.
They, like columnist Doug Fisher in the Sun newspapers of April 4, think that candidates who embrace a "social conservative" program will tie a millstone around their necks and sink accordingly.
The Forest striker's header gave him a 100th league strike while Bradford's record by the banks of the Trent is becoming a millstone around their necks.
But businesses have reacted with astonishment and dismay at the prospect of another unnecessary millstone around their necks.