a millstone around (one's) neck

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a millstone around (one's) neck

An extremely difficult or disadvantageous burden or hindrance. I wish I hadn't bought that house—the mortgage is a millstone around my neck. Given the advisor's laundry list of scandals, he's proving to be quite a millstone around the candidate's neck.
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millstone around one's neck

A heavy burden, as in Julie finds Grandma, who is crabby, a millstone around her neck. The literal hanging of a millstone about the neck is mentioned as a punishment in the New Testament (Matthew 18:6), causing the miscreant to be drowned. Its present figurative use was first recorded in a history of the Quakers (c. 1720).
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a millstone around your neck


a millstone round your neck

COMMON If something is a millstone around your neck or a millstone round your neck, it is a very unpleasant problem or responsibility that you cannot escape from. The country's inefficient telephone company has been a millstone round the government's neck. Long-term illness can make you feel like a millstone around your family's necks. Note: Millstone is often used on its own with this meaning. There is the continuing millstone of the country's enormous foreign debt. Note: A millstone is one of a pair of very heavy round flat stones which are used to grind grain. Jesus referred to children in Matthew 18:5 by saying, `Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.'
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a millstone round your neck

a very severe impediment or disadvantage.
A millstone was a large circular stone used to grind corn. The phrase alludes to a method of executing people by throwing them into deep water with a heavy stone attached to them, a fate believed to have been suffered by several early Christian martyrs.
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a millstone around/round somebody’s ˈneck

something which limits your freedom or makes you worry: My debts are a millstone round my neck.A millstone is a very large heavy flat stone used to crush grain to make flour. This phrase refers to an old form of punishing people by tying a heavy stone around their necks and dropping them into deep water to drown.
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Speaking to PA, former England, Spurs and Newcastle striker Ferdinand said: "We got punished for breaking the financial fair play rules and it was a millstone around our necks for years - we're still suffering the consequences of it.
I'm afraid my view is that the 'jaws of doom' analogy will hang like a millstone around our necks if we're not more careful.
It was nice to have, but now it is becoming a millstone around our necks. We should encourage the council to forget about it.
But home ownership has put a pounds 1.2trillion millstone around our necks.
Getting rid of Trident would relieve taxpayers of a huge millstone around our necks. It's never been any use since its inception, it can't be controlled from land, the US has control of the spare parts and it is fiendishly expensive.
SO mima, the millstone around our necks, is now about to strangle the council taxpayers of Middlesbrough.
DOUGLAS Wathen displays a sinuglar lack of gratitude when he describes the EU as a millstone around our necks ( Mail, October 2).
He never talked about being a film star - we were more worried Neighbours would be a millstone around our necks. But here he was in London, promoting his film Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert and I interviewed him.
It is a millstone around our necks, which we are trying to get rid of.''
"It's like a millstone around our necks at the moment, but we intend to get rid of that.
Perhaps the council ought to realise that we have the Three Graces regardless, and drop this accolade which is rapidly becoming a millstone around our necks. For future visitors coming to Liverpool by liner, to sail past the original Liverpool Waters with its iconic and impressive buildings, and then dock beside the Three Graces would be an amazing experience.
"I would love to remain unbeaten after tomorrow but is it a millstone around our necks? Absolutely not."
Yes, the goal drought is a millstone around our necks - but the team has a good defence, two good keepers, midfielders of the quality of Michael Hughes and Keith Gillespie and people like David Healy and Andy Smith who work very hard up front.
"Even despite the fall in UK interest rates over the last months, the rate is still a millstone around our necks.