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These thirty-nine millions are bespoken, and much more.
And yet, who knows that I may not find two or three millions in the pockets of my good friends the Spaniards?
Are you rich enough to give millions to other people, sire?
China's population must be seven hundred millions, eight hundred millions, nobody knew how many millions, but at any rate it would soon be a billion.
If her population was a billion, and was increasing twenty millions a year, in twenty-five years it would be a billion and a half--equal to the total population of the world in
One which had printed fifty million dollars of stock for sale was sold at auction in 1909 for four hundred thousand dollars.
Taking the United States as a whole, there are to-day fully two hundred and fifty thousand people who are paying for two telephones instead of one, an economic waste of at least ten million dollars a year.
A deed done is irrevocable, and its result coinciding in time with the actions of millions of other men assumes an historic significance.
Should Andrea marry according to his father's views, he will, perhaps, give him one, two, or three millions.
He has said there are a million and a half of revolutionists in the United States.
I amused myself with running over in my mind the sum of the fortunes represented, and it ran well into the hundreds of millions.
You have seen fit to surround yourself and household with armed guards, as though, forsooth, we were common criminals, apt to break in upon you and wrest away by force your twenty millions.
One timely note from them, at a critical moment in a certain deal, saved all of five millions to Mr.
500,000 the fiftieth year; about a million the seventy-fifth year.
It swarms with a mean kind of leather-headed mud-colored angels - and your nearest white neighbor is likely to be a million miles away.