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This book provides a comprehensive and timely reference on improving both the quality and safety of milk from the farm to the dairy, to the processing plant and on to the consumer.
New issues to consider include whether cows are treated with hormones, whether milk is organic, and even real dairy versus soy.
Wilkie is confident the launch of branded milks combined with generic milk campaigns will grow milk consumption.
For the last two years, Henderson and a dozen other farmers in the West Nipissing and Sudbury East region have been producing goat milk as part of a co-operative, suppling Woolwich Dairy in Orangeville, Ont.
Add 1/4 cup milk and beat just until mixture is smooth and evenly mixed.
If you've steered your shopping cart down a dairy aisle lately, you've noticed that certified-organic milk products are now as common as, well, cows.
These milks don't have enough fat and calories for your growing toddler.
For now, regional cartels seem prepared to make sure that famous milk moustache continues to hide the sly grin of agribusiness as it milks the public.
Moreover, the Auckland team observed a novel and apparently unrelated trend toward lower blood pressure with both milks -- though only the immune milk lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
The dairy's exacting standards for ensuring the quality of its products has earned it a place among the nation's leading branded milks.
As well as highlighting market sizes and trends in the established milk market, it also looks at the growing range of alternative dairy drinks now available to European consumers, including flavoured milks and milk drinks, yoghurt drinks, one-shot functional milk drinks and non-dairy milks and drinks, including the fast-growing soya milk sector.
The new designs, according to early comments, "jump off the shelf visually," and allow consumers to clearly distinguish between the Lactose Free and Omega-3 milks.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) will offer students NESTLE NESQUIK 100 percent real, low fat (one percent) flavored milks in all senior high schools in NESQUIK-branded vending machines.
The product joins a growing international line-up high melatonin milks, headed by market pioneer Finland's Ingman Dairy, that are creating a profitable new segment of the dairy market that could grow to be worth $400 million in annual sales.
There are flavored, fat free and reduced fat milks to suit every taste and dietary need.