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But many people have been disappointed in how their cows have been milking this winter.
We went into this to succeed, not to fail," she adds from her desk in the nearly built milking facility she and her husband constructed in 2001.
I thought it would be more fun to milk the goats,'' said the Acton woman who began milking the critters six years ago to regain use of her left hand, which she injured in a fall from a horse.
The dairy puts milk on the shelves the day of milking, two to three days before milk arrives from out-of-state processors.
The use of breast milk as a treatment for eye ailments may have grown from mothers' custom of milking their breasts into infants' eyes.
A good example is that it is very difficult to market quality domestic milking machinery, while milking equipment of poor quality which makes great damage to dairy cows is prevalent in the market.
McCloskey is actively involved in the ownership and management of dairies in New Mexico, Michigan, and Indiana, including Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, Fair Oaks, Indiana which is currently at 15,000 milking cows and anticipated to grow by another 7,000 within two years.