milk for

milk someone for something

Fig. to pressure someone into giving information or money. The reporter milked the mayor's aide for information. The thief milked me for $20.
See also: milk
References in classic literature ?
They dined in the best room, and had oats boiled in milk for the second course, which the old horse ate warm, but the rest cold.
Tell me, little Cricket, where shall I find a glass of milk for my poor Father?
And every day he was given a glass of warm milk for his poor old father, who grew stronger and better day by day.
When I first went to business, ma'am, I took a penny loaf and a ha'porth of milk for my breakfast as I walked to the city every morning; what do you say to that, ma'am?
The old woman, with the face like parchment and the dirty ragged clothing, came back at this moment, with a jug of milk for her visitor in her hand.
You shall all go and help me, and when we come back we will have bread and milk for breakfast, and make it up at dinnertime.
Half who Choose Non-Dairy Milk For Taste Have Some College
whose mothers aren't able to produce enough milk for their baby's demand
CWT will take 5 cents per cwt of milk for a 12-month period, which will go to establish a fund to provide a bonus for exporters to move dairy products.
Samples are easily collected: First-time mothers hand-express milk into chemically clean jars and refrigerate, as if collecting and storing milk for their infant.
While the use of goat milk for nutritional reasons is sound, many consumers once worried about one important aspect -- taste.
Or, you can continue feeding your child breast milk for as long as you want.
In this manner, he claimed to have caught some unscrupulous wet nurses diluting their milk with cows' milk and others wholly substituting cow's milk for their own.
They realized there was a lot of organic milk out there when they were buying milk for their yogurt,'' DiMatteo said.
A caffe latte has seven ounces of steamed milk for every ounce of espresso.