milk (someone or something) for (something)

milk (someone or something) for (something)

To try to get as much of something from a person, thing, or situation as possible. The company used to make all sorts of innovative games, but in the last few years they've just been milking fans for as much money as possible by rehashing the same old franchises. The candidate has been milking his opponent's scandal for press coverage.
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milk someone for something

Fig. to pressure someone into giving information or money. The reporter milked the mayor's aide for information. The thief milked me for $20.
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milk someone/something for something

If someone milks someone or something for something, they try to get an advantage or something valuable from them, often in an unfair way. Note: `Spilled' can also be spelled `spilt' in British English. They want to capture the market share now and milk it for profits later. He had everyone's attention now and he milked the situation for as much drama as he could get away with.
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1. tv. to attempt to persuade an audience to laugh or applaud. She went on milking the crowd for adulation long after they had demonstrated their appreciation.
2. tv. to attempt to get recognition from an audience. His performance was marred by an amateurish attempt to milk applause.
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