milestone in life

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milestone in someone's life

 and important milestone in someone's life
a very important event or point in one's life. (From the [former] stone markers at the side of a road showing the distance to or from a place.) Joan's wedding was a milestone in her mother's life. The birth of a child is a milestone in every parent's life.
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In June 2010, Milestone Systems introduced XProtect(R) Essential, which is an advanced, yet simple and user-friendly software for smaller video surveillance installations.
Customers will get instant and remote access to live and recorded video through a flexible choice of client interfaces: Milestone XProtect[sup.
Milestone also announced today that Judy Romlin, Milestone's vice president, has been named interim president and CEO.
In parallel, Milestone collaborates with over 80 hardware manufacturers to ensure that XProtect software supports the latest choices in network video cameras and encoders - over 800 different models to date.
Vantagepoint Milestone 2030 is rated 5- Stars Overall
For more information about Milestone and the application traffic management solution, call Milestone at 952-543-6999 or info http://www.
Nelson Cooney, Managing Partner of Milestone Equity Partners, LLC, commented, "Pete brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and success directly pertaining to Milestone's work with emerging companies.
Collegium's President, Michael Heffernan commented "We are very pleased with the achievement of this milestone and fully anticipate the achievement of additional milestones as progress continues on a number of initiatives associated with this agreement.
Milestone Equity Partners, LLC raised $11 million in September 2001 to fund the operations of seven to ten for-profit technology incubators in local markets across the country.
Expanding the use of networked video systems to further protect people and assets is the focus for Benjamin Low as the new VP Sales APAC for Milestone Systems
Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) integrated with access control systems from multiple Milestone Solution Partners will be presented at this month's security industry events: SECURITY Essen in Germany and ASIS International in Atlanta, Georgia.
Milestone Ophthalmic was established under a latest contract between Milestone Scientific and Astoria Capital S.
com)-- Prem Chand, CEO and Founder of Milestone Technologies, Inc.
They were: Milestone 1 CLEAR and clean almost all of the Olympic Park, remove overhead pylons and erect new perimeter security fence.