miles from anywhere/nowhere

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miles from ˈanywhere/ˈnowhere

far away from a town, a village, other houses, etc: The car broke down when they were miles from anywhere.They live in the country, miles from nowhere.
See also: anywhere, mile, nowhere

miles from nowhere

In a very remote place.
See also: mile, nowhere
References in classic literature ?
I met her a thousand miles from anywhere, and then some.
It feels a million miles from anywhere, but is actually only about 200 yards from the main road, so it's fairly simple to get to.
married, and moved west to establish a homestead in country both untouched and beautiful, but also inhospitable, dangerous, and forty miles from anywhere.
It was miles from anywhere and a very dismal place.
This occurred in the middle of Mountain Ash, not in a rural community miles from anywhere.
His parents must have considered it a safe move, away from Middlesbrough to a small peaceful setting miles from anywhere.
We loved that it felt like you're miles from anywhere but it's less than a mile to the centre of Hexham.
World SuperbiKe champion Tom, 28, flew to Spain last Wednesday for testing on a circuit miles from anywhere as Amie was not due until November 21.
But the 55-year-old, of Hall Green, instead found themselves stuck in squalid hotels, miles from anywhere and without even enough beds for his family.
I mean, most discoveries of this nature are found miles from anywhere," (http://www.
NOT having a charged phone can be a nightmare, especially if you're at a music festival or miles from anywhere great outdoors.
IT is being hailed as a military time capsule after lying untouched hundreds of miles from anywhere in the baking Sahara desert.
You really do feel as though you are miles from anywhere, but in reality you are right in the heart of this popular community.