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That's putting it mildly

That is an understatement. That's saying it without any exaggeration. A: "Gosh, it is downright balmy out!" B: "That's putting it mildly! I feel like I'm melting!" The new manager is a bit of a hothead—and that's putting it mildly!
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to put it mildly

To underemphasize or downplay something. This phrase is typically used without conjugating the infinitive "to put." A: "Oh, it was just a rain storm." B: "Yeah, to put it mildly. It was more like a hurricane!"
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to put it mildly

 and put it mildly
to understate something; to say something politely. (Note the variation in the examples.) She was angry at almost everyone—to put it mildly. To say she was angry is putting it mildly. To put it mildly, she was enraged.
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put it mildly

Understate, say without exaggeration, as in It's a fairly long way to walk, to put it mildly-twenty miles or so. [First half of 1900s]
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put it ˈmildly

used for showing that you could have said something much stronger or more critical, etc: He was annoyed, to put it mildly (= he was very angry).‘She said you didn’t like it.’ ‘That’s putting it mildly — it’s hideous!’
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Nurses have a critical role to play in recognizing and responding to the impact of mild TBI on family functioning.
Based on first table, mean of blood lactic acid is in two methods of Jacuzzi recovery and mild swimming before of recovery was not significant (10.
At baseline, patients in the mild AD group showed an illness duration of 2.
Milds are black to dark brown to pale amber in colour and come in a variety of styles from warming roasty ales to light refreshing lunchtime thirst quenchers.
Information on diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injuries between 1987 and 2010 was obtained from the National Hospital Discharge Register (HDR).
However, a good pint of mild needs a good publican with time to nurture its care.
Neither company supplied data separating mild from moderate AD.
2]) nanocomposite coatings on mild steel from aqueous tartrate solution containing [ZrO.
But the brewery decided to change the name to Banks's Original several years ago, because mild began to get a reputation as an out-of-date drink.
Sadly, Accrington Stanley and mild are anachronisms, regarded as old fashioned among the chattering classes and the prawn cocktail set for bearing the hallmarks of a cloth cap age that has dogged their progress since the 1960s.
But for some people--those who suffer from mild cognitive impairment--it is a potentially serious problem.
TBIs can vary from mild to severe, and in general, mild TBI can be difficult to identify.
said Thursday that its mainstay cigarette product Mild Seven, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary Friday, was the best-selling brand in fiscal 2006 in Japan, maintaining the top post for nearly 30 years since 1978.
That patient, a US serviceman living in the Tidewater region of eastern Virginia, had a mild febrile illness and multiple eschars.