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migrate between some place and some place else

to change residence from one place to another, perhaps repeatedly. These birds migrate between the north and the south. They migrate between their cottage in the North in the summer and their condo in Florida in the winter.
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migrate (from some place) (to some place)

[for a population] to move from some place to another. The birds all migrate from Europe to Africa. They migrate to Canada from South America.
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Quest Reporter, Quest Migrator and Quest ActiveRoles are currently in use in the Continental United States (CONUS), Europe, Korea and National Guard.
Exchange Migrator for moving Exchange object from one Exchange organisation or site to another (from 5.
Just five weeks before the planned migration date, the company turned to Quest's Notes Migrator for Exchange and was able to seamlessly migrate all 4,200 users, on schedule, with no disruption to other campus email activities.
The Dashboard Migrator is one of a set of products we have developed to help BI platform managers, administrators and users become productive in the new BI 4 environment as quickly as possible.
Metalogix, the leader in management tools for Microsoft content and collaboration platforms, enables IT administrators to take greater control of their organization's journey to the cloud with the release of Email Migrator 3.
Software solutions provider MetaVis Technologies Inc announced on Monday the availability of MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint, enabling organisations to copy content between SharePoint servers and file systems while retaining key metadata information.
Comprehensive utilities provided by NetIQ Netware Migrator give the ability to migrate file permissions assigned to Novell Directory Services (NDS) organisational units (OUs), as well as permissions assigned to an account via the NetWare `Security Equal To' attribute.
Transend Corporation, a leading provider of email migration and conversion solutions, today announced that Transend Migrator, its market leading email migration and conversion solution, now supports Exchange Web Services ("EWS") as an enhanced method of migrating email data to and from all versions of Microsoft Exchange, including Exchange 2007, 2010 and Office 365.
19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The latest news doing rounds in the IT market is about Techgene making an unprecedented move by developing the first-of-its-kind data migrator tool, which it labeled as ' PelicaMigrator .
a leading provider of well-managed business intelligence (BI) solutions for SAP[R] BusinessObjects[TM] solutions, announces the availability of its new APOS Migrator for SAP Crystal Reports[R] 2011 and 2013.
Richard Dennis: would-be publican FORMER jockey Richard Dennis, who formed a great partnership with Migrator during his successful riding career, originally joined the yard in the 1980s but has been riding out at Pond House since September 1995.
After unsuccessfully trying a competing migration tool, UNO deployed QuestA Notes Migrator for Exchange just weeks before the migration due date, and was able to move 4,200 users and 2,400 mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365.
CA (NYSE:CA), an IT management software company, announced on Wednesday (6 June) it has released its CA Internet Security Suite 2007 and CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007 software on a pair of 2GB credit card-sized flash drive memory cards.
The NetIQ Exchange Migrator product will also enable the migration of Exchange 5.
IT Professionals Rank Quest Software Notes Migrator for SharePoint and ScriptLogic Active Administrator, Desktop Authority and MSI Studio as Top Products