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migrate from (some place or sth) to (some place or sth else)

1. To relocate from a particular location or region to a different one, especially temporarily as based on the seasons. (Sometimes only used as "migrate from (some place)" or "migrate to (some place)," rather than using the whole phrase.) This part of Florida is notoriously full of retired couples who migrate from the colder states to our always-sunny beaches during the winter. It's the first time a team has been able to observe the whales' full route as they migrate from warmer regions to the cooler water in the north Atlantic during the summer.
2. To stop using a particular platform, service, business model, operating system, etc., and adopt a different one. Please ensure all employees have migrated from the previous operating system version to the new one to avoid any security breaches. Our smartphone app is migrating from a once-off, single-payment model to a free-to-play model with microtransactions.
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migrate between (some place or sth) and (some place or sth else)

To alternate residence between two different locations or regions, especially temporarily (perhaps based on the weather or seasons). We migrate between London and Lisbon, depending on the time of year. We were finally able to observe the whales migrating between the cooler water in the north Atlantic and the warmer water near the equator.
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migrate between some place and some place else

to change residence from one place to another, perhaps repeatedly. These birds migrate between the north and the south. They migrate between their cottage in the North in the summer and their condo in Florida in the winter.
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migrate (from some place) (to some place)

[for a population] to move from some place to another. The birds all migrate from Europe to Africa. They migrate to Canada from South America.
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Its importance lies in that it takes values distinctly different for individuals that have different propensities to migrate to destination 'j.'
The new economics of migration thinks of the family as a second level influence on an individual's decision to migrate. Some theorists think that sending family members to different destinations is simply the family's attempt to minimize the risk inherent in living in a situation of uncertain streams of income.
The shrinking fish industry in Kerala has forced women to migrate to other states while men stay behind.
Most women feel bad leaving home, but the financial difficulties and non-availability of work at home have forced them to migrate. The financial gains from this migration are meagre; women are exploited economically and sexually; and gender roles and unequal gender relations are reinforced.
A rule such as migrate all *.doc files not accessed within the last 60 days may be appropriate fur one group of users, but may negatively impact productivity of another group or department.
They want to migrate duplicate or inactive data from primary storage to secondary storage devices to reduce backup and recovery windows.
Although USM can migrate relational database tables up and down the HSM hierarchy, based on the last reference to any data in a database table or file, the size of the production database does not change.
In such a scenario, customers might deploy a newer library and leave an older library to serve legacy drives, or slowly take out the first library as they replace, migrate, or update the legacy applications.
HSM activity could also bog down the network as it sent migrates and restores across the LAN.
HSM offers a way to leverage lower cost storage devices while maintaining heavily used data on primary servers, and relieves the storage management burden by automating migrates and restores.
Infinite storage transparently migrates less frequently used files to less expensive storage media with slower network access.
The Bogong moths migrate over a great distance every year, from a large area in southeastern Australia to a specific area of small, cool caves high up in the mountains more than 1,000 kilometers away.
Migration normally occurs due to economic stress, which forces people to migrate.
Political birds migrate with incentive of better opportunities from one party to other.
In other words, on average the scores of the students from Both Parents Migrate households were already lower before their parents migrated.