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migrate between some place and some place else

to change residence from one place to another, perhaps repeatedly. These birds migrate between the north and the south. They migrate between their cottage in the North in the summer and their condo in Florida in the winter.
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migrate (from some place) (to some place)

[for a population] to move from some place to another. The birds all migrate from Europe to Africa. They migrate to Canada from South America.
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PlateSpin Migrate offers support for more configuration options for migrating business-critical workloads than any other solution on the market today.
These findings -- that people who say they are more talented and more comfortable with computers are more likely to report a desire to migrate -- are consistent with recent worldwide Gallup Polls.
This species doesn't migrate, so they were obviously hiding somewhere.
Micro Focus is the fastest, most effective way to migrate, extend, develop and deploy enterprise applications.
There are approximately 340 bird species that migrate between wintering grounds in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean and summer breeding grounds across North America,'' Webb said, citing the Audubon Society's Field Guide to North American Birds as a reference on their species and habits.
Phillip Derfler, FDA General Counsel, who also attended the meeting, said FDA just wanted to reiterate that only FDA's determination of whether a material migrates has "the force and effect of law.
We find, using cell markers, that the transplanted oligos are attracted to the demyelinated lesion, migrate there, and do not grow in any other place.
For SDSP data sets, take a closer look at when the data migrates and when it expires.
Scientists at the University of Toronto and at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Christchurch, New Zealand, compared data on the global distribution of diadromas fish (fish that migrate between the ocean and fresh water) with patterns of primary productivity in various aquatic environments.
For example, esxMigrator from Vizioncore can migrate virtual machines to dissimilar hardware, can fail back to ESX Server 2.
They created data management policies which executed different actions such as migrate, move, delete, and copy.
As a modern analog to the large herbivorous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous, Horner points to elephants, which naturally migrate in groups looking for food and water.
USAREUR signed a contract with Quest for products that will be used to migrate the command's 55,000 users on unclassified mailboxes across the European Theatre from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.
With D2D2T, you can transfer your data to disk at night at a much faster rate than to tape, and then migrate that data to tape, as you need to.
We've all been mightily impressed by monarch butterfiles, those fragile insects that migrate thousands of miles each year.