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mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Large and powerful things once were very small and insignificant. It's hard to believe that her successful clothing line was once a small business run from her tiny studio apartment. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.
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the pen is mightier than the sword

Strong, eloquent, or well-crafted speech or writing is more influential on a greater number of people than force or violence. Through his hugely popular online campaign, the writer has harnessed the voices of millions of people to have the government stop its violent intervention in the region, proving that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.
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high and mighty

Haughty and scornful. How can you act so high and mighty after all the mistakes you've made?
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Great oaks from little acorns grow, and Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Prov. Immense things can come from small sources. Don't tell lies, not even small ones. Great oaks from little acorns grow.
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Fig. self-important and arrogant. I don't know why William is so high-and-mighty. He's no better than the rest of us. The boss acts high-and-mighty because he can fire us all.

How the mighty have fallen.

Prov. a jovial or mocking way of remarking that someone is doing something that he or she used to consider very demeaning. Jill: Ever since Fred's wife left him, he has had to cook his own meals. Jane: Well! How the mighty have fallen! When Dan lost his money, he had to sell his expensive sports car. Now he drives an ugly old sedan. How the mighty have fallen.
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pen is mightier than the sword

Prov. Eloquent writing persuades people better than military force. Believing that the pen is mightier than the sword, the rebels began publishing an underground newspaper. Alan: Why do you want to become a journalist? Bill: The pen is mightier than the sword.
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reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall

Prov. An insignificant, flexible person is more likely not to get hurt in a crisis than a prominent or rigid person. Our office has new managers now; I plan to be as inconspicuous as possible while they reorganize everyone. A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall.

high and mighty

Conceited, haughty, as in She was too high and mighty to make her own bed. This expression originally alluded to high-born rulers and was being transferred to the merely arrogant by the mid-1600s.
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high and mighty

1 important and influential. 2 thinking or acting as though you are more important than others; arrogant. informal
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the pen is mightier than the sword

writing is more effective than military power or violence. proverb
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ˌhigh and ˈmighty

(informal) behaving as though you think you are more important than other people: He’s too high and mighty to mix with ordinary people like us!
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the ˌpen is ˌmightier than the ˈsword

(saying) people who write books, poems, etc. have a greater effect on history and human affairs than soldiers and wars
Mightier means ‘stronger’ or ‘more powerful’.
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This is an opportunity to catch three of America's mightiest improvisers at the virile peak of their powers.
Tribute did inspire the mightiest singalong of the evening, despite the subdued two-man acoustic set.
Milarch claims to have died and gone to heaven in 1991, only to be informed that he still had work to do on Earth: as it turned out, to clone some of the USA's oldest and mightiest trees.
The world's mightiest city in the world's mightiest nation was brought to its knees.
Even with countless web polls, Ian Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries", Matt Bomer of "White Collar" and Henry Cavill of "Man of Steel" continue to emerge as the mightiest contenders.
This is the valor we honor today--an American soldier who didn't fire a gun, but who wielded the mightiest weapon of all, a love for his brothers so pure that he was willing to die so that they might live," Obama said.
He added in a statement today on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the fall of the former regime: "The Iraqis were able to topple the mightiest dictatorship to achieve freedom and democracy," So they hope to achieve real co-existence and democratization in all parts of Iraq.
Chris then looks into the web of life sustained by one of the mightiest trees in the Amazon, and discovers a tiny rodent it relies upon for survival.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said Saturday this was a great opportunity for making a major step in attracting companies from the country that is one of the world's mightiest economies with population of over 1.
As the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs, its characteristics have to be moderated - so 2012 is the year of theWater DS ragon.
The block will also feature the series return of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
According to Chinese tradition and belief Dragon is considered to be the mightiest amongst the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
His more recent focus has been on household leverage: why it grows; how it affects aggregate demand; and how it can strangle even the world's mightiest economy.
And if viewing such fascinating objects reminds onlookers how even the mightiest empires do not last forever, they will also know that in the Great North Museum we have a treasure of our own.
It has the conglomeration of world three mightiest mountain ranges (Karakorum, Hindukash, Himalayas).