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The completion of a fine CD, the booking of a lengthy tour, and the inclusion in the Rumble are all the more remarkable considering that the Vital Might got together just 18 months ago.
Milk said that The Vital Might represents the best shot these three musicians have had to bust out of the local ranks.
I think a speaker should be counted, in Gricean terminology, as having generated a conversational implicature to the effect that she is in a position to assert that P when she does assert that P, though Grice himself might have declined to call this an "implicature" at all, since it simply specifies that the speaker is obeying the second maxim of Quality, and Grice stipulates that "implicature" excludes commitments that are trivially generated by the supposition that the speaker is observing the Cooperative Principle and its associated conversational maxims (41-42).
The same media fragmentation that has allowed Might, The Baffler, and Hermenaut room to flower also limits their reach; for the moment, the closest things we have to a common intellectual forum are sitcoms and advertising.
In the 1960s, the promise of progress might have seemed limitless--one need think only of the popularity of a pop culture genre such as science fiction--but some critics wondered if that promise wasn't itself a curse.
Some North American cities drew a legal distinction between "apartments," assumed to be self-contained in every way, and "tenements," whose inhabitants might have to share amenities, especially toilets and baths.