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Come next March, it might not be the Beast from the East but the Beast from the West that British trainers will have to worry about on the final day of the festival.
The completion of a fine CD, the booking of a lengthy tour, and the inclusion in the Rumble are all the more remarkable considering that the Vital Might got together just 18 months ago.
Milk said that The Vital Might represents the best shot these three musicians have had to bust out of the local ranks.
(19) One might question whether assertion is governed by a rule concerning how well positioned one must be with respect to a proposition in order to be able to properly assert it.
Might, when it was still around, had a more satiric, prankster sensibility: One memorable article faked the death of child star Adam Rich as a take on celebrity memorial journalism.
The Chilean side are not expecting an answer from Ibrox until today because of last might's Tannadice clash.
Whereby thou might's" be grac'd and I be blest.(17)
Richard Forristal talks to jockey Ger Fox, who is bidding to follow up last year's success on Rogue Angel in today's big race WHEN you look back on Orion's Might's fall two out at Wexford on July 25, 2014, you'd be forgiven for fearing that it could have been Ger Fox's Sliding Doors moment.
In the 1960s, the promise of progress might have seemed limitless--one need think only of the popularity of a pop culture genre such as science fiction--but some critics wondered if that promise wasn't itself a curse.
Some North American cities drew a legal distinction between "apartments," assumed to be self-contained in every way, and "tenements," whose inhabitants might have to share amenities, especially toilets and baths.