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get miffed

To become angry, agitated, or irritated. John always gets miffed over the traffic on his way to work. Don't get miffed with me, I was trying to be helpful! I got so miffed when I found out I was being audited that I threw my plate across the room.
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mod. angry. She was a little miffed when I failed to show up, but she calmed down after a while.
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Ms Karen Goi, MIFF General Manager, comments: "We are extremely pleased with the strong response.
Florida Focus Student Shorts Competition - In addition to Cutting the Edge, MIFF 2009 launches three new short film competitions, especially for Florida student filmmakers: 1) Social Shorts High School; 2) Social Shorts College; and 3) Miami Minis.
One could say that MIFF was better organized than TIFF, being under one roof at the Hyatt Regency hotel and the adjacent Le Jardin complex.
Potential visitors are already getting a headstart even before MIFF 2015 opens, thanks to the free MIFF app which has more business friendly and social interaction features that allows them to search for exhibitors and products in advance, and to keep in touch with fellow buyers.
Another highlight is the Mar 5 prize presentation ceremony to recognise the top young talent in the MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2015 and top exhibitors for the most innovative product and most creative booth.
And most importantly, MIFF has created an unprecedented enthusiasm among people in Oman about cinema and quality cinema.
The 11th edition of the MIFF is being organized by the Films Division will be held fromto February,3 to 9, 2010 at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai.
The family is certain Miff was the last true miner at Eston, the biggest and most famous mine.
Their strong presence spotlights MIFF as an effective trading platform and strategic gateway to the increasingly lucrative markets in the Middle East and Africa which has a combined population of 1.
Organisers of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) look forward to welcoming global and in particular North American trade buyers and visitors for the 2015 edition of MIFF held March 3 to 7 in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.
As it will be the first industry event of the year in Asia, show attendees to MIFF 2015 can expect to see brand new collections and an extensive selection of new products from 500 manufacturers at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) and Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC).
Announcing the details of the festival yesterday, Dr Khalid Al Zadjali, chairman of MIFF and Oman Film Society (OFS), said 90 countries would be participating in the festival this year.
29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Malaysia's top furniture design contest, MIFF FurnitureDesign Competition (MIFF FDC) makes a return with a brand new theme this year - 'Living Furniture, Global Perspective.
The outcome underscores the continued strength and relevance of MIFF as the leading and most business results-focused global furniture trade show in Southeast Asia.
The global appeal of MIFF is reflected in its impressive turnout of buyers from over 140 countries and the year-after-year record sales that reached an estimated US$854 million in business deals last year.