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get miffed

To become angry, agitated, or irritated. John always gets miffed over the traffic on his way to work. Don't get miffed with me, I was trying to be helpful! I got so miffed when I found out I was being audited that I threw my plate across the room.
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Irritated and mildly angry. Typically used with modifiers such as "pretty" or "a little." I was a little miffed to find out the promotion had gone to someone else, especially after all the extra work I'd done for the company over the last month. You might want to give Mom a wide berth, Tom—she's pretty miffed at the moment.
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mod. angry. She was a little miffed when I failed to show up, but she calmed down after a while.
See also: miff
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Accelerator takes place over the first four days of MIFF and consists of screenings, workshops, presentations, meetings and social events with international and local industry specialists.
In 2002 his AFC funded short, Violet Lives Upstairs, starring Rebecca Frith of Love Serenade (Shirley Barrett, 1996), screened at MIFF and received the Australian Critics Circle Award for Best Short.
Wardle is now a jockeys' agent but has continued to receive phone calls from members of the unofficial Jimmy Miff fan club, checking on the horse's welfare at the farm in Barrow, near Newmarket, where he lived.
One could say that MIFF was better organized than TIFF, being under one roof at the Hyatt Regency hotel and the adjacent Le Jardin complex.
The work of distinguished directors takes a prominent place in MIFF selection.
Former Bond Sir Roger Moore has accepted an invitation to attend the MIFF.
James Hewison, MIFF's Executive Director, explains why this year's MIFF is focusing on the Middle East:
And most importantly, MIFF has created an unprecedented enthusiasm among people in Oman about cinema and quality cinema.
He said that it would be great to have movie stars like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor visiting Muscat for the MIFF.
The family is certain Miff was the last true miner at Eston, the biggest and most famous mine.
For all those who have attended and for the others who have not, here is our final treat - the Oman premiere of Salmon Fishing," the organisers of MIFF said.
The MIFF is giving us a platform through documentaries.
Announcing the details of the festival yesterday, Dr Khalid Al Zadjali, chairman of MIFF and Oman Film Society (OFS), said 90 countries would be participating in the festival this year.
Addressing a press conference at the India International Film Festival (IFFI) to promote MIFF -2010, Sinha said, every year over 40 documentary film festivals are being organised in different parts of the country by various organisations, which indicates the growing popularity.