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be left hanging (in the air/in midair)

To remain unresolved or unaddressed. I don't think he's very knowledgeable on this topic—my very basic question was left hanging in the air.
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in midair

in a point high in the air. The planes crashed in midair. Extra fuel was released from the plane in midair.
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leave someone or something hanging (in midair)

 and keep someone or something hanging (in midair) 
1. Lit. to keep someone or something suspended in midair when support for the person or thing is removed. The ladder collapsed and left me hanging in midair. Fortunately, I grabbed onto the windowsill.
2. Fig. to suspend dealing with someone or something; to leave someone or something waiting to be finished or continued. She left her sentence hanging in midair. Tell me the rest of the story. Don't leave me hanging in midair.
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leave hanging

Also, leave hanging in the air or in midair . Keep undecided, uncertain, or in suspense. For example, Since we hadn't found a big enough hall, we left the final date hanging, or She couldn't figure out a good ending for the book, so her audience was left hanging in midair .
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see under leave hanging.
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The method develops a moving sweet spot for levitation, which enables the scientists to move the object midair.
Controlling his skateboard in midair will be critical as Shaun perfects new tricks.
Reports that the Tupolev exploded in midair -- coming on the heels of the Sept.
The pilot of an Armenian commercial airliner flying in the area said he saw he saw the Tupolev exploding in midair and another explosion in the sea.
between trapezes," hanging in midair, not at all sure whether we're going to catch the next bar or go crashing into some abyss .
Will meets Lyra after he finds a window into another world, in midair.
The Defense Agency on Thursday presented to three Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) security affairs panels a draft of a bill eyeing funding in fiscal 2001 for procurement of a midair refueling plane, agency officials said.
He, the girls and the box are currently suspended in midair from in front of the "V
military flight tests have shown how drones could handle midair refuelling by themselves, without human pilots, which raises the possibility of automated "flying gas stations" topping off robotic aircraft over future battlefields.
29 midair collision with a Gol 737-800, a serious criminal charge that could land the US citizens in a Brazilian prison for up to 12 years if they are convicted.
You gaze at your driver's license levitating in midair as a magician controls its every move.
This information does not include the "near-midair collisions," which far outnumber actual midairs.
In the first story, "The Cruise of Lost Souls," the villagers of Liternos awaken one morning to find the buildings of their town floating in midair.
He lets go of his bike, does a flip in midair, and then quickly grabs on again before plummeting back to Earth.
Two T-39N Sabreliners of Training Squadron 86 were lost and seven crew members killed following a midair collision in the Gulf of Mexico on 8 May.