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drop the mic

1. To dramatically drop one's microphone (or, often, to mimic such a motion) after a particularly decisive or impressive performance, action, or statement. Did you see him drop the mic after that rap battle?
2. By extension, to perform a decisive or impressive action. Dude just dropped the mic with that dunk!
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mic drop

1. verb To dramatically drop one's microphone (or, often, to mimic such a motion) after a particularly decisive or impressive performance, action, or statement. Did you see him mic drop after that rap battle?
2. noun A decisive or impressive statement or action. You were so confident during your presentation that the last slide was like, boom, mic drop! I think the partners were very impressed. That dunk was the mic drop that ended the series.
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mic up

informal To fit a portable microphone to a person or thing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mic" and "up." I still need to mic up the guests before we begin the interview. I don't like it when musicals mic the actors up. It's just really distracting to see. It turns out the police had mic'd up the company's office to record evidence of their illegal dealings.
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