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meth head

Someone who abuses or is addicted to an amphetamine, especially methamphetamine. This state is a thoroughfare for methamphetamine to the rest of the country, so it's little wonder that there are so many meth heads here.
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1. n. denatured alcohol; methyl alcohol. (Streets and underworld.) Meth used to be pink. Now they put something in it to make you vomit.
2. n. methamphetamine. (Drugs.) Usually meth is injected, having almost an immediate effect.
3. n. methadone. (Drugs.) Sometimes meth means methadone, a drug used in drug treatment.

meth monster

n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. These teenage meth monsters can be a real menace when they need juice.
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To learn more about Meth Awareness Week, visit The Meth Project on Facebook at facebook.
Three men were indicted in late 2013 and await trial after a drug task force found 12 gallons of liquid meth in a Fresno house along with 42 pounds of the drug ready for sale, four guns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition.
He apologised for his crimes, claiming that meth dealing wasn't in his character but he got addicted to the drug.
Critics of the state's pseudoephedrine ban, most notably the pharmaceutical industry, argue that the law has failed to make a meaningful reduction in meth use.
Journalist Nick Reding spent years chronicling how crystal meth was destroying Oelwein before penning his controversial book Methland in 2009.
As the prevalence of meth use has increased, the effect on the drug abuse treatment system has been marked.
The presentation came to a close with a discussion on meth mouth, a result of chronic, long-term meth use.
As the drug easily crosses the snail's skin, the team immersed the snails in de-oxygenated pond water spiked with meth, and watched to see how it affected their breathing.
The majority of crystal meth in New York is used as a sex drug for gay men, sometimes for anal application before sex (a practice known as a "booty bump").
While crack is still the drug of choice in America's inner cities, the meth epidemic has affected large portions of rural America and some urban and suburban areas as well.
There are some good ideas behind the Faces of Meth project, but I'd prefer a different approach.
Acidic chemicals, like sulfuric acid, are found in meth smoke.
Department of Health and Human Services this month found that meth use among teens nationally remained unchanged over the same period.
Michigan residents are now able to use the Internet to find out the locations of illegal meth labs.
They charged that drug companies, out of greed, were refusing to replace the pseudoephedrine in their cold medicines, a methamphetamine precursor, with the decongestant phenylephrine, which is useless in producing meth.