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meth head

Someone who abuses or is addicted to an amphetamine, especially methamphetamine. This state is a thoroughfare for methamphetamine to the rest of the country, so it's little wonder that there are so many meth heads here.
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1. n. denatured alcohol; methyl alcohol. (Streets and underworld.) Meth used to be pink. Now they put something in it to make you vomit.
2. n. methamphetamine. (Drugs.) Usually meth is injected, having almost an immediate effect.
3. n. methadone. (Drugs.) Sometimes meth means methadone, a drug used in drug treatment.

meth monster

n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. These teenage meth monsters can be a real menace when they need juice.
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Though her story was consistent with constructions of the meth user's "downward spiral" (Linnemann et al.
Umm, except for that I think, I mean I've been using meth for 16 years and I think I look pretty good compared to the meth poster, you know what I mean?
As the lawyer for the drug task force of Lincoln County--a strip of the state's central coast known for its fishing industry, paper mills, and beaches--he was all too aware of the scourge of meth labs.
Bovett knew that law enforcement couldn't arrest its way out of the meth lab problem.
Aside from surveys assessing the perceptions of child welfare workers, (2) researchers' understanding of the effect of parental meth use and child maltreatment is still relatively undeveloped.
Oregon's law and a similar one in Mississippi have proven effective in reducing meth labs - so effective that Congress should follow their lead and require all Americans to get prescriptions for pseudoephedrine medications.
Animal studies have found some intriguing pathophysiologic links between HIV viral activity and meth.
Comments attributed to Health and Mental Health Minister Roger Cook:"Our plan recognises that prevention, treatment and rehabilitation must be at the forefront of any plans to reduce the impacts of meth in the community.
The stress of diagnosis led to Sultzman's involvement with meth use.
Since the law went into effect in Oregon, fewer meth laboratories have been seized, and Oregon has reported fewer meth-related chemical incidents.
0, looking to deliver superior meth resistance in the direct conversion, or "one pot," methamphetamine conversion process, compared with other meth-resistant technologies on the market.
Three men were indicted in late 2013 and await trial after a drug task force found 12 gallons of liquid meth in a Fresno house along with 42 pounds of the drug ready for sale, four guns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition.
The 53-year-old Billing, Montana resident was charged with possession of meth for distribution and possession of two firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking.
0%) reported they had used meth within the past twelve months.
Now deadly meth, slammed as the most addictive drug in the world, is here in Ireland.