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the meter is running

1. Your fare is increasing with time. Said especially in regards to taxis. I don't care if you want to wait for your friend, but the meter is running pal.
2. By extensions, costs will continue to increase or accumulate as time goes on. Try to avoid calling the lawyer's office if you can—the meter is running as soon as they answer the phone, so every call you make can be expensive.
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meter is running, the

Costs or other consequences are accumulating, as in We'd better come to a decision soon, for the meter is running. This metaphoric expression alludes to the fare mounting up on a taxi meter. [Late 1900s]
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Metering unit series: LFI (long-fiber injection) SRIM system
Hoses for A, B and pigment carry the fluids from the metering pumps to a fluid manifold assembly.
Equipment includes various pump-type, high-pressure metering units (Model A-System), cylinder-type, high-pressure metering units (HE-System), and low-pressure metering units (Model B).
"Energy metering alone will not lower energy consumption and costs," explained Margaret Carey, president of MCEnergy.
9 requires that all custody transfer metering packages be flow calibrated in a flow calibration facility or by a calibration traceable to a recognized national/international standard in order to optimize meter accuracy.
Model 1015 series volumetric feeders for dry solids feature a "dissimilar" speed dual auger/agitator metering mechanism consisting of a large conditioning auger or agitator mounted above a smaller metering auger in a specially configured feed chamber.
Already widely used in gas production, processing, and transportation, ultrasonic metering is now also available for the lower pressure gas distribution applications.
Smart metering is an effective means to gain control of energy costs.
Also high- and low-pressure RIM metering units, mixheads, clamps, presses, turntables, and multistation conveyors.
NYSERDA offers financial incentives to cover installation of advanced metering.
For volumetric blending, AutoColor machine-mounted, self-loading batch metering and blending unit mixes fixed quantities of virgin and regrind with up to two metered amounts of colorants or additives.
This article describes recent independent testing performed to assess the sensitivity of Coriolis meters to flow disturbances as part of the gas industry's measurement program at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) Metering Research Facility (MRF).
As specialists in evaluating the accuracy of water/sewer bills, we have been getting many phone calls asking us to explain what steps are needed to properly comply with the DEP metering, rules.
There are test data in the open literature documenting the velocity profile produced by selected piping configurations.[3] Figure 2 shows two different installation piping configurations under recent test at the GRI Metering Research Facility (MRF).
The ISTAMETER, a cutting-edge metering device specifically designed for sub-metering multi-unit buildings, monitors individual residents, water usage to create user-specific billing.