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the meter is running

1. Your fare is increasing with time. Said especially in regards to taxis. I don't care if you want to wait for your friend, but the meter is running pal.
2. By extensions, costs will continue to increase or accumulate as time goes on. Try to avoid calling the lawyer's office if you can—the meter is running as soon as they answer the phone, so every call you make can be expensive.
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meter is running, the

Costs or other consequences are accumulating, as in We'd better come to a decision soon, for the meter is running. This metaphoric expression alludes to the fare mounting up on a taxi meter. [Late 1900s]
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Encoder-type remote systems utilize a remote receptacle directly connected to the encoded meter reading at the register.
He explained that with the faulty ones, when they eventually went off, thus preventing customers from accessing power, temporary supply of electricity was arranged until new meters were fixed.
Citizens Advice says it has dealt with thousands of complaints about the faulty installation of smart meters and is worried that the number of complaints will rise as energy firms struggle to meet the government's 2020 deadline for the roll out to be completed.
While in houses of the citizens new digital meters are not installed yet but they start receiving the bills according to digital meters.
The Minister said that Nigeria meter journey from 1950 showed that consumers depended on meters from foreign countries.
'Knowing if and when a gas ultrasonic meter has drifted and who is paying for the measurement shift is critically important to our customers' business,' said Kerry Groeschel, director of engineering of Emerson's Daniel ultrasonic meters.
In last month, 1066 LT TOU (Time of Use) meters of Peshawar, Khyber, Mardan, Bannu, Abbotabad and Swat circles were checked in M and T laboratory out of which 227 meters were found tempered for the theft purpose, they said in a statement issued here.
Like most DP meter types a cone meter must have its discharge coefficient found by calibration.
It is the world's first and only universal meter monitor that turns traditional meters into smart meters in just 20 minutes.
In one case the reason for a significant shortfall was that the submeter company had reversed the tenants' on-peak and off-peak meter readings so the submeter billings had been incorrect for over a year.
With a high-accuracy revenue meter located at the utility service entrance, an EEM system can "shadow bill" overall energy consumption.
FlexNet, a radio frequency (RF) fixed network utility meter reading system designed to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and enhance customer service, is now available to the electricity and combination utilities.
Eagle Vision I recently completed the on-site acceptance testing on its IRS upgraded (5 meter resolution).
There was a time in the busy streets of Johannesburg when, if your luck was in, you could get away with an expired parking meter, because the meter maid was patrolling a distant street on her beat.
The Charlottesville project combines 13,000 5/8- to 6-in, water meters with integral radio transmitters supplied by ABB Water Meters; 7,400 new gas meters furnished by American Meter; 8,600 gas meter retrofits; and 16,200 gas meter modules and drive by reading equipment from Itron, Inc.