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bare metal

Computer hardware without an operating system. Right now, my new computer is bare metal, and I can't wait to build it and configure it just the way I want.
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put the pedal to the metal

To press down the accelerator (of an automobile) as far as possible; to accelerate to or travel at an automobile's maximum speed. It would normally take us three days driving to New York from Colorado, but with my brother putting the pedal to the metal, we made it in two. We're going to be late—put the pedal to the medal!
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Pedal to the metal!

Drive the car as fast as you can! We're going to be late—pedal to the medal!
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put the pedal to the metal

Sl. to press a car's accelerator to the floor; to drive very fast. Let's go, man. Put the pedal to the metal. Put the pedal to the metal, and we'll make up some lost time.
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put the pedal to the metal

If you put the pedal to the metal, you do something with as much speed and effort as possible. He is putting the pedal to the metal to deal with his critics. Note: Other verbs such as keep and have are sometimes used instead of put. Our players kept the pedal to the metal all season long. Note: This expression comes from the idea of pressing a car's accelerator (= pedal that makes it go faster).
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with the pedal to the metal

with the accelerator of a car pressed to the floor. North American informal
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keep/put the ˌpedal to the ˈmetal

(American English, informal)
1 drive a car quickly: Look, we’re running a little late so we kind of need to put the pedal to the metal.
2 work hard; try to do something quickly: If we really put the pedal to the metal, Canada’s economy could certainly produce a third more than it does today.
Pedal in this idiom refers to the flat bar in a car that you press with your foot in order to make the car move more quickly (= the accelerator/gas pedal). The metal is the floor of the car.
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put the pedal to the metal

tv. to press a car’s accelerator to the floor; to floor it. Put the pedal to the metal, and we’re out of here.
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This done, the warrior assisted his master to replace the handsome jewelled metal of his harness with the plainer ornaments of an ordinary fighting man of Helium, and with the insignia of the same house that appeared upon the bow of the flier.
Houses, raised high upon their slender metal columns for the night were dropping gently toward the ground.
It's metal, sure enough," answered the child, gazing thoughtfully at the curious thing she had found.
Mellow it was with preciousness of all sounding metals.
Maston, caught by his metal hook, was holding on by one of the rings which bound the telescope together, uttering fearful cries.
Table 33: World Historic Review for Metal Finishing Chemicals
For instance, metal handling before and during pouring involves moving furnaces and ladies.
Metal inserts with flared through-holes are stamped, put in an injection mold and overmolded with 30% short-glass reinforced nylon 6 to create a cross-ribbed supporting structure.
I'll yell, `Stop the car, there's a piece of metal.
Gravity doesn't separate metals, and in droplets of liquid metal floating weightlessly, the atomic interactions that lead to a solid's microscopic structure are laid bare.
SLM Solutions to Acquire a Metal Powder Producer II-61
The acquired company handles more than 150,000 metric tons of metal per year.
Atlas Metal Sales, 1401 Umatilla St, Denver, CO, 802042432 tel: 303/623-0143 fax: 303/623-3034#
Metal Bulletin is a trading, metals pricing, information, news and communication company targeting the global metals industry.
Dunn and co-writers/directors Scot McFadyen and Jessica Joy Wise lay out the history of metal and delve into its many sub-genres, including power and thrash metal, the 1980s L.