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The Tees lads have fared well this season but they met their match against a strong side who took their chances in an evenly contested first half, racing into 3-0 lead before Middlesbrough pulled a goal back through a Lewis Dalton strike before the break.
But they met their match in Borussia Dortmund, who won their semi-final 3-0 before 80,708 people at the Westfalen after Jena had Jan Simak sent off.
But we reckon the lads will have met their match in former Albert Square firebrand Pauline, otherwise known as Wendy Richard.
TITLE hopefuls Bala, who aim to improve on their runners-up frustration last season, met their match at Llanfairpwll, where Darren Moore's youngsters were up for it.
But they met their match in the final as they went down in the final to the all-conquering Woking.
Following a superb run of 11 successive matches without defeat, Welshpool met their match against champions TNS, who will not relinquish their crown easily on this form.
Stress and anxiety have met their match with this helpful little herb; it can work almost instantly in acute cases of anxiety, stress, and nervous tension.
Still, activator gel, like the Lakers, met their match with the rise of a certain team from the Windy City.
This inner sanctum of Royal military line-ups and ceremonial tattoos would have met their match and there wouldn't be an empty seat in the house
But the pair met their match when 10-month-old twins from the region got in on the act.
But the tycoons - two Scots and an American - have met their match in the canny islanders who are determined to drive a hard bargain.
Colin Jacox, Ken and Graham Ashby finally met their match at the hands of an all international trio from Boscombe Cliff (Hampshire).
While a large pizza can be pretty satisfying to a hungry bunch, even the hungriest may have met their match with the new Domino's Pizza X-L-P, or Xtra-Large-Pizza.
THE Ballydung boys might have met their match tonight as madcap comic Freddie Starr pays a visit to the manor.
The Trojans marshaled all of their offensive weapons but met their match in Young and a superior defense.