mess around with (someone or something)

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mess around with (someone or something)

1. To tinker or fiddle with something. Hey, don't mess around with the thermostat—it needs to stay at 68 degrees. Grandpa's still messing around with that old radio, but I doubt he'll get it to work again.
2. To test or use something in order to learn more about it. I'm messing around with a different platform for my blog, and I can't decide if I like it or not.
3. To engage in aimless recreation or frivolous time-wasting with someone or something; to fool around with someone or something. Quit messing around with the dog and work on your book report already, Scotty!
4. To tease or play a prank on someone, often by trying to get them to believe something that is not true. Come on, stop messing around with me. There's no such thing as ghosts.
5. To engage in casual sex acts with someone. Betsy and I are just messing around with each other, which is great because I don't want a serious relationship anyway.
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mess around (with someone)

and mess about (with someone) and monkey around (with someone)
1. in. to play with someone sexually. Those two have been messing around. He started monkeying around, so I got out of the car.
2. in. to waste someone’s time. Don’t mess around with me. Just answer the question, if you please.
3. in. to waste time with someone else. I was messing around with John.
See also: around, mess, someone

mess around (with something) mess about (with something)

and monkey around (with something)
in. to play with or fiddle with something. You’ll break it if you don’t stop monkeying around with it.
See also: around, mess, something

mess around with something mess about with something

See also: around, mess, something
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Another example is the interview of Armenia's ex-president Sargsyan, "Before Khojaly, the Azerbaijani thought that they could mess around with us. They thought that the Armenians were people, who could not raise their hand against the civilian population.
"They were real defenders - they did not mess around with us and we did not mess around with them.
To accomplish this we have our own constitution, our election board, our courts, our armed forces, including our Agazzi special force, trained especially for exceptional purposes and events and to show you our strength, our real power, and let you understand what we can do to you stupid Ethiopians when you try to mess around with us. The police force and media are all ours and are working tirelessly day in and day out for us, maintaining our law and order.