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The entire mess echoed the word, and the volley of questions would have scared any man.
He does not know how many years ago," said Dirkovitch, facing the mess, "but he says it was very long ago in a war.
The mess was in no mood just then to weigh insults to Russian colonels.
Said he'd see him damned first," chorused the mess.
The man could not explain how, like a homing pigeon, he had found his way to his own old mess again.
Little Mildred and another man saw him off, for he was the guest of the mess, and even had he smitten the colonel with the open hand, the law of that mess allowed no relaxation of hospitality.
3m x 3m) next to the home and appalled at seeing around 50 dog mess bags dumped in there.
People living in Wimblington in Cambridgeshire have become so fed up they have created a social media-based "poopfolio" for locals to report sightings of dog mess.
Even getting my kids to wash their hands after making a mess is a struggle
The mess decks underwent extensive renovations to incorporate the ship's namesake during New Orleans' planned maintenance availability.
Birmingham City Council has been in or heading for a big mess for years and this Labour-run authority is a complete shambles.
I've gained so many life lessons from this career in benefits selling, but one of the most enduring has been this idea that if you want the meed (or reward) you have to take the mess.
The eldest appeared from the trees with a twig with dog's mess on it and by the time we got him to drop the twig he had mess on his hands and had rubbed it on to his face.
Once a week the pavements are cleaned by the small council road sweeper but by the next day the mess is there again.
They said that the intense traffic mess is creating inconvenience for the people and due to police barricades on Maal road and Peshawar road are causing problems for transporters and passengers.