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"So you brought him into mess instead of handing him over to the sergeant!
The mess was left alone with the carbine-thief, who laid his head on the table and wept bitterly, hopelessly, and inconsolably as little children weep.
The man in the chair threw up his head and stared at the mess. "Oh, my God!" he said, and every soul in the mess rose to his feet.
He rose from his chair and inspected a picture on the wall, then moved on to another picture, the mess watching him without a word.
You could have heard the hearts of the mess beating as the men drew back to give the stranger full room in his wanderings.
Half the mess tore the thing down from its place and thrust it into the man's hands.
Little Mildred and another man saw him off, for he was the guest of the mess, and even had he smitten the colonel with the open hand, the law of that mess allowed no relaxation of hospitality.
The man could not explain how, like a homing pigeon, he had found his way to his own old mess again.
It was an accident, and deplorable - most deplorable." Here he smiled sweetly all round the mess. "But you will think of this little, little thing.
The entire mess echoed the word, and the volley of questions would have scared any man.
Long and long ago, when the Empress of India was a young woman, and there were no unclean ideals in the land, it was the custom of a few messes to drink the Queen's toast in broken glass, to the vast delight of the mess-contractors.
Summary: The powerful OPEC cartel's top official on Tuesday called for the developed world to fund the fight against climate change, saying the developing world was not responsible for the current "mess".
If they can't pick up their pet's mess, they shouldn't have a dog in the first place.
In Latin, tabula rasa means "clean slate." The philosophy is centered on the concept of erasing the mess and beginning the design process on a fresh page.