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mesh together

to fit together. Their interests and personalities mesh together perfectly. Their ideas don't mesh together too well.
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mesh with something

to fit with something. Your idea just doesn't mesh with my plans. Currently, your proposed project doesn't mesh at all well with our long-range planning.
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n. a crosshatch or octothorpe, #. (see also pigpen.) What does the mesh stand for in this equation?
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He was wearing a dark-blue hooded jacket with light-blue sleeves and a light-blue stripe across the back, dark jeans and white, meshy BMX type gloves.
At the California State Games on July 16 in Orange, Megan Griffin, Gia Patafio, Meshy Fischelsohn and James Alger all won two gold medals, and Kayla Griffin, Jesse Lane and Mariah Lopez also struck gold.
Warring `desiring machines' (say Deleuze and Guattari), fraying and fleeing in and from meshy networks (`syntheses of heterogeneities', to Deleuze and Guattari, in A Thousand Plateaus, 330): is there a chance of them producing peace; is there a possibility for their becomings to become peace, that is real, borderless, uncoded peace?
And that meshy lower front end, designed to give it a voracious appearance, looks more like a great big chip pan.
West Hollywood boutique and catalog that sells tight, shiny, meshy, leathery clothing with names like Silky Step-in and Miami Thong.
YES:YES: MY LUSTY MAN IN BLACK HAS POWER OVER MESHY Chantelle Linihan fell for a leather-clad biker when he offered her a lift home on his powerful BMW.