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mesh together

to fit together. Their interests and personalities mesh together perfectly. Their ideas don't mesh together too well.
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mesh with something

to fit with something. Your idea just doesn't mesh with my plans. Currently, your proposed project doesn't mesh at all well with our long-range planning.
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n. a crosshatch or octothorpe, #. (see also pigpen.) What does the mesh stand for in this equation?
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Until now, engineers typically have had to take initial CAD data and painstakingly hand-craft three-dimensional meshes using workstation-based software before beginning computer analysis of new product or component designs.
MPI/3D Meshing Enhancements - MPI/3D meshes can now be generated up to 20-50% faster while using 10-40% less memory.
TetMesh-GHS3D for volume tet mesh generation from surface meshes
With ALGOR V16, 2- or 3-D structured meshes can be easily created through right-click menu options.
The addition of the XportSim module allows Simmetrix to provide a comprehensive base for next generation simulation modeling applications with enhanced persistence of analysis attributes, direct geometry access with small feature removal, automatic meshing, CAE results management, and mapping results between meshes.
It will provide scalable, parallel meshing to enable the creation of meshes with 100s of millions, or more, elements on computational clusters, removing a barrier to the simulation of complex systems.
This new release makes it easy for users to quickly create solid FEA meshes of thin CAD parts and assemblies, offers improved analysis capabilities including faster contact simulation and expands the ability to create high-quality presentations by including new transparent display options.
Parts with living hinges, for instance, require very tight meshes in the hinge area.
1 is a clear breakthrough in the path from CATIA to high-quality meshes for a broad range of CFD applications in many different industries," says Erling Eklund, GAMBIT product marketing manager at Fluent Inc.
MeshSim generates meshes suitable for finite element, finite volume and boundary element analysis.
Mesh boundary editing and inverse templates that allow users to edit meshes with arbitrary space curves.
0's ability to automatically refine meshes in areas of strong curvature and small gaps.
It generates meshes quickly and easily, surpassing other packages in the mesh quality it provides.