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mesh together

to fit together. Their interests and personalities mesh together perfectly. Their ideas don't mesh together too well.
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mesh with something

to fit with something. Your idea just doesn't mesh with my plans. Currently, your proposed project doesn't mesh at all well with our long-range planning.
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n. a crosshatch or octothorpe, #. (see also pigpen.) What does the mesh stand for in this equation?
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The latest Fusion solver has an improved mesh-matching ratio that better conforms the mesh of the top surface to that of the bottom surface.
Bridge Nodes provide the gateway for sensor information to flow from the mesh network to a host PC and clients on the corporate enterprise network, embedded network, or internet.
Helmut Jahn's Sony Centre in Berlin is a double-shelled building with facades of glass and stainless-steel wire mesh, providing a background for a colourful social melting-pot while reflecting the corporate image of the electronics company.
The modified binder systems containing 80 mesh fine crumb rubber showed the highest improvements, when compared to the partially devulcanized and 30 mesh rubber modified systems.
In the windwear department, jackets for coaches, trainers, scouts, and players are available in taffeta crinkle shells with mesh lining in body and taffeta in the sleeves with two-welt pockets and elastic cuffs.
Tropos[R] Networks is the market leader in delivering metro-scale Wi-Fi mesh network systems.
For instance, the screen order from breaker plate to screw might go 20 mesh/40 mesh/60 mesh.
While previous mesh restoration approaches typically required several hundreds of milliseconds, SSM-enabled failure detection and secondary path activation occur in sub-milliseconds.
In addition to the high surface area produced with the wet ambient grinding process, the cost of grinding can also be graphically illustrated (figure 2) for processing tire rubber below the 40 mesh level.
develops and manufactures next-generation WiFi wireless mesh network solutions.
SPEEDLAN 9000 is Wave Wireless' first product line to provide flexible building-to-building, multipoint, and mesh configuration options in a single broadband wireless platform.
In the past, you had to mesh the part in a CAD package and then import the meshed model into MPI.
Ground rubber used in compounding varies from 10 mesh to 200 mesh.
a global provider of Wi-Fi mesh solutions, today unveiled its latest Wi-Fi mesh product, the MeshAP 1180.