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on the merits

According to or based on facts or qualities essential to a person or situation, as opposed to circumstantial or technical details. (Usually used in reference to a decision by a judge in a legal case.) Primarily heard in UK. The defense filed a motion for dismissal based on the prosecution's failure to include the new evidence in the discovery phase, but the judged ruled that the case would be heard on the merits.
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on (someone's or something's) (own) merits

According to or based on facts or qualities essential to a person or situation. I can assure you that she got the job on her own merits and not because she is the CEO's daughter.
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judge one on one's own merits

to evaluate one on one's own good and bad points and no one else's. Please judge Janet on her own merits. I was judged on my own merits.
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judge something on its own merits

to evaluate something on its own good and bad points and nothing else. You must judge this proposal on its own merits. The proposal has not been judged on its own merits.
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on its merits

Also, on one's merits or according to one's merits . With regard only to the intrinsic quality of something or someone. For example, Who supports it doesn't matter; we have to consider the idea solely on its merits, or The agency doesn't care about her references but wants to hire candidates according to their merits . [Late 1800s]
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Each increment included a 2 percent merit increase and a 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment.
There should not be any merit pay increase, whatever procedure we're talking about,'' Wachs said Wednesday.
Three other city department heads also were granted merit increases, but are not affected because their raises were part of the earlier charter provisions and went through different procedures.
Michael John, President of MERIT stated, "I am pleased to have finally found a combination of both funding and the passion to bring my vision to reality.
Michael John, President of Merit, stated, "I am pleased to have finally found a combination of both funding and the passion to bring my vision to reality.
will take over marketing concepts for products of ST-Communication, most notably Merit Studios WormHole Technology--which is a unique and powerful tool for data compression & encryption.
Certain factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to: the number and timing of sales of Merit Studios Inc.
I expect that Videolocity will try to retain their rights through legal action, but we are 100 percent confident that if this effort is undertaken by Videolocity it will have no impact on the development and completion of Wormhole and Merit will prevail in the courts.
Merit Studios has offered to grant Videolocity a non-exclusive licensing agreement for using Wormhole technology in the U.
Again, the Iridium engineers confirmed that this solution that Merit is proposing would solve the weak signal problem.
Several erroneous news reports have incorrectly stated that Merit is trying to buy Iridium.
On Sunday March 19, 2000, Chairman and CEO of Merit Studios, Michael John, transmitted an e-mail to the Attorneys involved in the Iridium Bankruptcy case.
Merit has a plan to salvage the failed venture, recover all losses, and make Iridium or a newly formed company, which will take control of Iridium profitably.
The results are inspiring and Merit will file a patent for the software.
Coo-inventor William Petro chief programmer of Merit and JBWebb, who is running the test is confident that we will have further results in the next 2 weeks on the development of the WORMHOLE technology.