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on the merits

According to or based on facts or qualities essential to a person or situation, as opposed to circumstantial or technical details. Usually used in reference to a decision by a judge in a legal case. The defense filed a motion for dismissal based on the prosecution's failure to include the new evidence in the discovery phase, but the judged ruled that the case would be heard on the merits.
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on (someone's or something's) (own) merits

Objectively based on or due to someone's or something's actual qualities, actions, etc. (as opposed to other, less objective factors). I can assure you that she got the job on her own merits and not because she is the CEO's daughter.
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judge one on one's own merits

to evaluate one on one's own good and bad points and no one else's. Please judge Janet on her own merits. I was judged on my own merits.
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judge something on its own merits

to evaluate something on its own good and bad points and nothing else. You must judge this proposal on its own merits. The proposal has not been judged on its own merits.
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on its merits

Also, on one's merits or according to one's merits . With regard only to the intrinsic quality of something or someone. For example, Who supports it doesn't matter; we have to consider the idea solely on its merits, or The agency doesn't care about her references but wants to hire candidates according to their merits . [Late 1800s]
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Caplan of Holden, whose probable career field is Environmental Science, received a National Merit Northeastern University Scholarship.
Also, Leagues in states that have strong merit selection systems must be vigilant and work to protect those systems.
Jim McCauley, McBay Restaurants, Thunder Bay (Award of Merit 1993)
One final benefit of the merit award program is that it tends to redirect students away from preparing for high-stakes multiple-choice tests like the SAT-1 and the ACT.
The rules prohibit a plaintiff from seeking discovery (interrogatories, document request and depositions) before filing the certificate of merit, although a plaintiff may file a motion requesting such discovery to enable the plaintiffs expert to provide the appropriate statement.
Lillybeck was presented with the AFS Award of Scientific Merit in 1975.
North Midlands Merit Winner: Richard Brittan, Potteries & District Merit Winner: Kerry Morris, Shropshire Merit Winner: Peter Farmer, South Yorkshire Merit Winner: Matthew Beever, Staffordshire Merit Winner: Mel Evans, Welsh Merit Winner: Geraint Williams, Warwick and Worcester Merit Winner: Steve Freer, Yorkshire Merit Winner: Graham Hickey.
From more than 2,000 entries, 28 will receive Awards of Excellence and 81, Awards of Merit.
These include an Award of Excellence to a French-language entry and two Awards of Merit to Spanish-language entries.