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merge into the background

To act or position oneself in such a way as not to be very noticeable to others. Not feeling comfortable at the center of attention, I prompted someone else to start talking and then merged into the background.
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merge in (to something)

to join into something. The stream merged into the main channel of the river.
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merge someone or something into something

 and merge someone or something in
to route someone or something into something else. They merged the marchers into the parade and no one ever knew they were late. We merged in the latecomers to the parade at an intersection.
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merge (something) with (something else)

to join two things together. The management merged the sales division with the marketing division. We merged the accounting department with the auditing department.
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merge with someone or something

to join with someone or something. Ted merged with Fred and they created a very profitable partnership. Our company merged with a larger one, and we all kept our jobs. This stream merges with a larger stream about two miles to the west.
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merge into the ˈbackground

(of a person) behave quietly when you are with a group of people so that they do not notice you: Nick didn’t say anything during the meeting, and it was obvious that he was desperately trying to merge into the background.
See also: background, merge
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Merging the Ministry of Justice with the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, under the name of the Ministry of Justice, Endowment and Religious Affairs.
Merging the Authority for Electricity Regulation and the Public Authority for Electricity and Water Resources, under the name of the Ministry of Electricity and Water Resources.
The region between the two merging points is highly turbulent due to the intense mixing of the potential cores of the jets.
On examining this point precisely, it is observed that this point and the complete merging point located as discussed above are essentially the same.
We continue this process of locating series of elements and merging them until we reach a point where only one such series exists, which we merely shift left, leaving the buffer in the last block.
Both editions deliver versatile comparison and merging options for all file directories as well.
Netia's consolidation with the Merging Subsidiaries will be effected without any increase in Netia's share capital, without any conversion of shares and without any amendments to Netia's Statute.
Recently there have been several cases of disruption of service and other complications as a result of banks and other financial institutions upgrading their systems, especially after merging and acquiring with other businesses," says David Soul, President and CEO of INETCO.
The new hub is field upgradeable to allow the addition of optional modules such as computer or video merging.
The introduction of Centrus Merge/Purge to the data warehousing and direct marketing industries fills a gap in the current offering of QMSoft library products--that of duplicate detection and merging of data," said Paul Wray, co-founder and president of Qualitative Marketing Software.
Merging Company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tracker, adopted a Plan of Merger pursuant to which the Merging Company will merge into Mako Marine International, Inc.