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"I can only explain," replied Miss Halcombe, "by entering into certain particulars, connected with my sister's marriage- engagement, which I did not think it necessary or desirable to mention to you this morning.
Prior to that, Ahmad Akram told the court that today was fixed for mention to hear an application for the case to be jointly heard with a case involving Najib's former special officer, Datuk Rizal Mansor, 44, who is facing charges with soliciting and accepting bribes for himself and Rosmah over the same project.
Second place went to Marissa Koszubowski, Clinton, Michigan, student of Renee Wood; third to Lindsay Murphy, Frederick, Maryland, student at Creative Dance Dimensions; and honorable mention to Caitlin Furtado, Southbury, Connecticut, student of Ms.
Lyons at New Rochelle High School; honorable mention to Josie Garthwaite, Lagunitas, California, a student at Marin Ballet.