mention to

mention (someone or something) to

To name, bring up, or refer to someone or something while talking to another person. Would you mind mentioning me to your boss? I'm looking for a job as an editor. Be sure to mention the issue to the president when you meet with her later.
See also: mention

mention something to someone

to refer to something while talking to someone. Please mention it to your father. You had better not mention that to anyone.
See also: mention
References in classic literature ?
I can only explain," replied Miss Halcombe, "by entering into certain particulars, connected with my sister's marriage- engagement, which I did not think it necessary or desirable to mention to you this morning.
Second place went to Marissa Koszubowski, Clinton, Michigan, student of Renee Wood; third to Lindsay Murphy, Frederick, Maryland, student at Creative Dance Dimensions; and honorable mention to Caitlin Furtado, Southbury, Connecticut, student of Ms.
Lyons at New Rochelle High School; honorable mention to Josie Garthwaite, Lagunitas, California, a student at Marin Ballet.
For lilac paintings, first went to Karen Levi, second to Sallie Thatcher, third to Mikail Abolfathi and honorable mention to Marge Thompson.
For watercolor paintings, first went to Dennis Calaba, second to Mary Sault and third and an honorable mention to Judy McKell.
Special Jury mention to CHAIRMAN GEORGE by Daniel Cross and Mila Aung-Thwin
The SILVERDOCS DOCS Rx Jury awarded a special mention to Arunas Matelis' BEFORE FLYING BACK TO THE EARTH, a moving and poetic glimpse into the lives of children undergoing treatment for leukemia at a pediatrics hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Healthcare Consumer Publication of the Year to Southern Progress Corporation's Health Magazine, with an honorable mention to The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses for Every Woman Magazine
Best Media Buying or Planning to Aventis and Starcom USA for Lantus media plan, with an honorable mention to Alcon Labs and Communications Media Inc.
for The HPV Test "Not a Pap" ad, with an honorable mention to Forest Health, Barix Clinics and Unit 7 for America's Leader ad
for Evoclin journal ad, with an honorable mention to Coria and Balcom Agency for "Salex: Before, After" ad
com, with an honorable mention to AstraZeneca and SimStar for EverydayKidz.
Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals to Alcon Labs and MTI for Ciprodex eXtendRx Sales Optimization Program, with an honorable mention to Baxter BioScience and The Hamilton Communications Group for Advate Camp Superfly launch
and CCA Advertising for BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition campaign, with an honorable mention to the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame and Euro RSCG Life LM&P for "The Natural" ads
There were many nominees that came within points of first place, so Mobile Insights also awarded certificates of Honorable Mention to those products and teams.