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make a mental note

To make a special effort to remember something in the future. I must make a mental note to pick up the dry cleaning on the way home from work. Jenny, make a mental note of this number and remind me to call it when we get home.
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go mental

1. To become extremely angry or upset. My parents are going to go mental if they find out we had a party here! Don't go mental, but I think I broke your computer.
2. To become or feel crazy. I'm going mental being stuck in this cabin all week with my parents!
3. To act in a crazy, foolish, or reckless way. Too many kids start going mental when they go to college and have total freedom for the first time in their lives.
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mental block

A mental or psychological inability to do, think about, confront, or undertake something. I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to swearing when I'm around my parents—they were very strict about it when we were kids. It's like she's got some mental block about accepting adult responsibilities.
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mental giant

An extremely intelligent person. Typically used sarcastically. Some mental giant thought it would be a good idea to connect the wires in reverse order. It doesn't take a mental giant to realize that this will be bad for business.
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mental midget

An extremely foolish or unintelligent person. (The term "midget" may be considered offensive.) Some mental midget thought it would be a good idea to connect the wires in reverse order. Those mental midgets in congress think the way to solve our national deficit is to cut taxes for the wealthiest companies and people?
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make a mental note of something

to remember something. So, you want to be considered for a job. I'll make a mental note of that. Please make a mental note of my telephone number.
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* mental block (against something)

Fig. to have some psychological barrier that prevents one from doing something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Perry has a mental block against speaking in public.
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go ˈmental

(British English, slang) become very angry: My dad’ll go mental when he sees what we’ve done!
See also: go, mental

make a mental ˈnote of something/to do something

make an effort to remember something without writing it down: I must make a mental note to order more wood.She made a mental note of the car’s registration number.
See also: make, mental, note, of, something

go mental

in. go crazy; to act stupid. Another day in that history class and I know I will go mental.
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1. mod. mentally retarded. (Usually objectionable. Derogatory.) The girl’s mental. Leave her alone.
2. n. a mentally retarded person. (Usually objectionable. Derogatory.) He’s a mental. He’ll need some help.
3. n. a stupid person. You’re such a mental lately.

mental giant

n. a genius. I’m no mental giant, but I do know trouble when I see it.
See also: giant, mental

mental midget

n. a stupid person. I hate to seem like a mental midget, but what’s so great about that?
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Torrey says: "Altogether, the annual total public funds for the support and treatment of mentally ill individuals is now more than $140 billion.
Two years ago, a former Florida church worker was accused of raping a mentally disabled girl at least seven times in front of his own child.
Conclusion: It was concluded that there was non-significant difference between the attitudes of university students who have interacted with mentally ill individuals and those who have not interacted with mentally ill individuals, females had more positive attitudes than males, and young-aged university students have more positive attitudes than middle-aged and old-aged university students towards mentally ill individuals.
On January 23, the guard had just swept the garbage at the entrance of the Capitol and had gone inside to get a dustpan but when he returned he found that the mentally ill person had scattered it all again, Magalona said.
While it may be tempting to make excuses, complain about other people, and avoid difficult circumstances, mentally strong people refuse to waste time on unproductive activities.
He appreciated the efforts made by the Fountain House administration and said that healthy people should have to take care of such mentally ill persons instead of keeping them away.
Regarding the charge of sex with a mentally impaired person, Ms Biggs said the prosecution would have to prove sex or attempted sex took place and the person was mentally impaired at the time.
The Supreme Court barred states from executing mentally disabled inmates in 2002, but until now has left the determination of who is mentally disabled to the states.
More planning and services are needed for our mentally ill loved ones in order to prevent odd things happening.
AMARILLO - The most violent prisons in the Texas state system share a common factor: They house a high proportion of mentally ill inmates.
South Dinajpur (West Bengal), May 30 ( ANI ): The mother of an 18 year old mentally challenged boy has chained him and kept him in the house in South Dinajpur, to protect the neighbours as he could be violent.
I found the funding and treatment of mentally ill individuals in Moldova (formerly part of the Soviet Union) to be superior to ours.
The investigation was concerned with the examination of the needs and stress levels of the parents of mentally disabled children in terms of some variables.
Reynolds tobacco company from a California mental hospital with a request: "We mentally ill, or allegedly mentally ill, smoke a lot.
WHEREAS no-one would argue with the headline "This must not happen again" (June 15) - even though tragedies like this do, in fact, happen again - I was particularly concerned about the sub-heading "Mum wants to stop mentally ill being set free to kill".