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crab mentality

A negative, selfish mentality characterized by a preference for others not to get ahead of or do better than oneself. It alludes to a phenomenon of a group of crabs in a pot, in which an escaping crab is pulled back down by the others so that none escape in the end. She dreamt of going to college and beginning a better life, but her parents' and friends' crab mentality constantly discouraged her from leaving the sordid life in which they were entrenched.
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siege mentality

The belief that one is constantly under attack and must protect oneself from hostility. Don't be surprised if Ned reacts to you with anger—he has a siege mentality that makes it difficult for him to see anything positively. Many people living in that war-torn country have developed a siege mentality.
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Person with sound artistic mentality can easily get rid from any types of mental agonies.
While, the herd mentality is all about inclusion, the "country club" mentality, which is all about being exclusive.
The AKP mentality knows no boundaries when it comes to "emotional vampirism" and it, without remorse, exploits international issues for its political gain.
It's not possible to change the mentality you had last April A or May for a totally different one in August or A September.
We've got very good players but we just need that mentality and be resilient in our performances.
However, Zaidi called for a change in mentality of the batsmen saying that even if many of them are automatic selections because of their political backgrounds and do not care if they get out in the nets, they are exposed in international cricket, as in Zimbabwe recently, with their off-stump or middle-stump gone off quickly.
But he has a sheer presence to hold the ball up, the ability to win balls in the box and a match-winning mentality.
What's important now is the mentality of the group is to win and win together.
There are obvious priorities: the Premier League is more important than friendly games, but only if we deliver this mentality can we take every competition seriously.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai urged Wednesday Lebanese political parties to "change their names" and start acting with a new mentality.
When asked what sort of a coach he would prefer, Delgado said, "I don't mind the name, according to me I feel the players understand the mentality of an [South] American so maybe one from the region would be good.
This kind of mentality now exists in various work environments.
President Asif Ali Zardari had exposed his own mentality by talking with reference to my mentality, he maintained.
The Germans, as ever, have the mentality for the big day sussed.
INTER coach Rafael Benitez believes he can carry his new club's winning mentality forward.