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For a guy once memorably nicknamed the Mental Midget by Don King to announce he was a girl was a jaw-dropper alright.
Surprisingly, it was a local mental midget who shoulda known better who waltzed into the Krispy Kreme last summer, and used the old "pointy fingers under the shirt to simulate a pistol" trick, while announcing a robbery.
A know-nothing numskull, just a meandering mental midget.
They were never short of a few cheap insults, and King admitted: "Yes, I used to call him a mental midget and a pugilistic pygmy - but he retaliated.
And the owner is a mental midget with the IQ of a fence post/Cause the piano has been drinking/The piano has been drinking/And you can't find your waitress with a Geiger counter/And she hates you and your friends and you just can't get served without her.
Sure enough, our 17-year-old mental midget and wanna-be Crime King showed up for his shift at work a couple of hours later, still driving the getaway car.
He said: "Marley once referred to me as a mental midget and a pugilistic pygmy when I was managing Lennox Lewis.
One mental midget manned the getaway car and played lookout, while our New Millennium Jesse James squared off in front of the door and pulled out a pistol.
Harding said: "Now I know why Don King referred to Maloney as a mental midget.
FRANK Maloney is a mental midget who doesn't know what he is talking about - HERBIE HIDE, displaying a tongue to match his fists.
I once worked in an office where the manager, (a mental midget with the verbal grace of a JCB - just to set the scene), threatened to split up me and the posse of women I worked with because we got on so well, did our work with style and efficiency and h ad the audacity to laugh too.
Mental midget James Elliot was pulling an armed robbery in Long Beach, Calif.
Sometimes you get a shot at one, sometimes at the other, but thanks to mental midget Andre Gordon, 27, we're treated to both
Our mental midget ran up, jumped into the passenger seat, and away they went.
When Dumb and Dumber opened their mouths and stunning ignorance about race and "the Negro'' came tumbling out, it was easy for us to condemn these mental midgets and their overt bigotry.