mental block

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* mental block (against something)

Fig. to have some psychological barrier that prevents one from doing something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Perry has a mental block against speaking in public.
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Either teams have a mental block when they face Bayern, or top level football isn't really all that different from Sunday League stuff.
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho (pictured left) will spent the weekend mulling over a frustrating night on Wearside as he prepares for Monday's crucial league trip to Arsenal, but insisting his team does not have a mental block over killing teams off.
Giles, however, does not believe there is a national mental block when it comes to clinching the ODI silverware.
However, Raja felt that there is still a chance for Pakistan, saying that he felt that that there was a mental block in the Pakistan batsmen, given that they did not play their natural game, which made it easier for the West Indies.
Have the writers a mental block or reduced imagination?
DAVID MOYES has dismissed fears he has a mental block when it comes to beating Liverpool - and believes the neutrals will be cheering on Everton at Wembley today.
Lettuce, tomatoes, celery and cress The importance of life grew less and less What was I hearing, a nightmarish dream My heart was pounding I felt I could scream No more chocolate cake covered in cream No more my fridge filled with ice cream For an hour, I listened to what was being said As the stress made me dizzy through the blood Rushing through my head, The lecturer went on with a cruel intent "If you want to be thin this eating regime you must implement" The lecture was over, I stood there in shock My mind was numb, a real mental block, and When I got home I couldn't remember a word Opened the fridge and binged like a Lord.
Perhaps there is a bit of a mental block for him right now when it comes to goals.
This should not be such a hindrance in a one-day match so it suggests that he has a mental block surrounding all things Manchester.
I had a mental block and let everything get on top of me.
For a player who is doing so much to raise his profile at the moment, the whole of Wales seems to have a mental block on Tom Shanklin.
I hope the players won't get a mental block about Europe.
Nakagawa said during a speech on Saturday in Obihiro, Hokkaido, that the media have a mental block over the textbook issue as if suffering from CJD.
I just don't know what to do - it's as if I've got a mental block.
PARTICK Thistle boss Alan Archibald reckons positive thinking is the only way to remove the mental block which has seen his side go 10 games without a win.