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mend (one's) fences

To rectify a damaged relationship. After Jill heard that her father had become ill, she decided it was time for them to mend their fences before it was too late. The politician tried to mend his fences with his constituents after the scandal, but was not able to regain their trust before the next election.
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mend (one's) pace

old-fashioned To begin moving faster, especially to meet the speed of another person. Noticing me behind him, the man mended his pace, and I mended mine, until we both began running through the crowded alleyways.
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mend (one's) ways

To start behaving in a different, usually preferable, way. After I got in yet another fight at school, the headmaster told me that I had to mend my ways or else I'd be expelled. No matter how old you are, there is still time to mend your ways.
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Mending said the Commission on Audit, the Department of Public Works and Highways, among other government agencies, would be around to monitor and supervise the construction of farm-to-market roads and livelihood project implementation.
"These proposed projects have been identified by the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team and duly approved by the National Anti-Poverty Commission and civil society organizations," Mending said.
John Velazquez kept English Channel in touch in second along the rail behind Mending Fences, asking his mount for a run nearing the furlong marker before drawing clear impressively.
Kasi walang dumating na request sa inyo or proposal so walang mapra-process," Mending said.
Mending even asked Del Rosario if Task Force Bangon Marawi reminded the agencies to submit their proposals.
Mending said out of the total of P959,392,914.11 in BUB funds for ARMM, checks for a total of P40.3 million were personally distributed in February by Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala to eight Lanao del Sur LGUs and three in Maguindanao.
Needlecraft expert Nan Ides' "Hand Mending Made Easy: Save Time And Money Repairing Your Own clothes" is specifically designed to teach novice sewers to use the economically beneficial option of making simple, common repairs ranging from sewing on buttons, to fixing seams, to ironing, to repairing broken zippers.
Mending the Worm is noteworthy for bringing together a cadre of black authors (both established and new) writing about the most influential aspect of black culture--the black family.
Some projects identified under the fund "started rolling out" over the weekend, DAF-ARMM Secretary Makmod Mending, Jr.
Written by award-winning poet Joan Houlihan, The Mending Worm is a free-verse poetry collection of brief verses that nonetheless resonate with the very impression of the moment.
I Have Just Finished Mending: your old blue sleeveless sweater:/the bottom was raveling/and there was a small moth hole/in the back.