man of few words

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a man of few words

A man who does not speak often or at length. Despite being a man of few words, Joseph was well-respected in his field because of his actions.
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man of few words

Fig. someone, not necessarily a man, who speaks concisely or not at all. He is a man of few words, but he usually makes a lot of sense.
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man of few words

see under few words.
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man of few words, a

A person who speaks little but to the point; also, by implication, a person of action rather than words. Although most writers trace this expression to the Old Testament (“Let thy words be few,” Ecclesiastes 5:2), it is actually much older, appearing in Homer’s Iliad (“Few were his words, but wonderfully clear”). It appeared in John Ray’s 1678 proverb collection, and a version of “Few words are best” occurs in numerous other languages as well. See also strong silent type.
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Both were men of few words and were more than thankful in representing the country and becoming champions in their own rights.
Fathers are men of few words. Case in point: I've learned how to modulate my grunting to express different things.
The drivers are the sort of Vin Diesel hardcases - men of few words - they prefer to let their driving to do all the yelling.
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Stoute and Moore are men of few words but even they couldn't disguise their confidence at the way the son of Street Cry had progressed from his reappearance triumph.
Men of few words between tracks, the trio - rounded off to a four-piece with the addition of a synth player - made a blistering start, and for the first handful of songs seemed unstoppable, dispensing their quirky mix of psycheinfused blues rock.
They are the type of people that take three hours to tell you that they are men of few words. They all must have been raised on tongue sandwiches.
Both were men of few words, but they had a wonderful understanding of one another, and an association which reached its pinnacle in the 1970s, with four Derby celebrations - via Sir Ivor, Nijinsky, Roberto and The Minstrel - and a brace of Prix de l'Arc Triomphes with Alleged.
Men of few words on stage, the Ozrics let their dazzling improvisational abilities do the talking.
MEN of few words onstage, they let their music do the talking, spitting out angular guitar riffs, creepy synth noises, killer time signatures and the occasional blurt of trumpet.