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It was plain, pitiably plain, that he was aware of his own defect of memory, and that he was bent on hiding it from the observation of his friends.
I am not such a very old man, yet--and my memory (thank God) is to be thoroughly depended on
I wish I could say the same of my memory," I answered.
He nodded and smiled, and appeared to think, poor fellow, that he had succeeded in concealing the total failure of his memory, by a well-timed exertion of his own presence of mind.
Trumpery little scandals and quarrels in the town, some of them as much as a month old, appeared to recur to his memory readily.
On repeating the phrase, he seemed to feel hardly as certain of having prevented me from suspecting his lapse of memory, as he had felt on the first occasion.
The effort of remembering that he wanted to speak to me was, but too evidently, the only effort that his enfeebled memory was now able to achieve.
Hiding, he let them pass, and then resumed his way toward the charred ruins of the home he had been almost upon the point of recalling to his memory.
The river lured him by the shortest path toward its refreshing waters, and when he had drunk, night already had fallen and he was some half mile or more down stream from the point where he had seen the pile of yellow ingots, and where he hoped to meet the memory woman, or find some clew to her whereabouts or her identity.
Everything seemed to elude him--the pretty pebbles, the yellow metal, the she, his memory.
The forgotten name had reawakened the returning memory that had been struggling to reassert itself.
The girl blushed in mortification at the very thought that she could cling so resolutely to the memory of a total stranger, and--still greater humiliation--long in the secret depths of her soul to see him again.
The focus of the present study was on the relationship of how language(s) interact with the cognitive processes of Long Term Memory among compound Greek-English bilingual children.
Nonvolatile memory systems, in which data remain intact even when the power is off, are widespread as the magnetic-disk drives of computers.
The 640-megabit Spansion Flash memory upgrade module enables hardware and application software developers to prototype and verify ARM-based systems using high-performance and high-density Spansion Flash memory solutions, including products based on MirrorBit technology.