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It was also an evening of many highlights: the CBSO Chorus's barely audible opening 'Requiem aeternam', manic 'quam olim Abrahae' and uplifting Sanctus; a thrillingly projected 'Liber scriptus' and meltingly beautiful Lacrimosa from soprano Erin Wall; the superb enunciation and tonal subtlety of soloists Mark Padmore and Hanno Muller-Brachmann conveying the anguish and despair of Wilfred Owen's poems; and a CBSO in glorious form throughout.
I opted for Shetland Island mussels (pounds 8.50) and a meltingly tender 28-day aged sirloin (pounds 30), while thieving forkfuls of baby chicken breast in champagne sauce from my husband's plate.
The beef was fillet and meltingly tender cubes, nicely presented on a banana leaf and with a thin, well flavoured sauce.
Chunks of meltingly soft aubergine had been stuffed with the firm, delicately flavoured seafood and fried just long enough to give a deeply savoury twang.
For sheer indulgence the Rocky Road slab is where crispy crunch meets meltingly smooth.
They should be cooked on the outside, but still meltingly soft within.
The meltingly rich tones of mezzo-soprano Karen Cargill were perfectly suited to this sotto-voce highly moving piece.
7 (more familiarly "It Is Beautiful Here"), has a harder edge than I would like (Anna Netrebko's gentle approach and her pianissimo high B on her Russian Album are, in contrast, meltingly beautiful).
They come from parts of the animal that contain more muscle, which is broken down by slow cooking and results in meltingly tender meat.
This is a piece that requires the orchestra to excel in the particular demands of baroque playing and also gave the appreciative St David's Hall audience the opportunity to hear some meltingly beautiful solo playing.
Lobster Razzle-dazzle restaurateur Michael Seablue Corn Mina's top dogs are filled with Las Vegas Dogs meltingly rich lobster sausage and or with encased Smelt in a sweet, crunchy 702/891-3486 Smelt cornmeal batter ($18).
A poignant utopia of shifting duets, trios, and groups that swirl into eddies of pirouettes with no beginnings or endings, this is a meltingly beautiful 15-minute gem.
Season, cover with a lid and simmer gently for one hour, by which time the apples and onions will have become meltingly soft.
Matsusaka, said to be the best of beef, has meltingly soft, intricately but evenly marbled cuts.
For all Mendelssohn's precocious genius, the large-scale works he produced during his very early teens didn't really cut the mustard; plenty of sound and fury, but little to remain in the memory apart from some meltingly delicious subsidiary melodies.