melt into

melt something into something

to cause something to change its state when melting. The ice melted into a cold liquid that we could drink. We melted the fat into a liquid that we could deep-fry in.
See also: melt

melt into something

to melt and change into a different state. All the ice cream melted into a sticky soup. The candles melted into a pool of colored wax in all the heat we had last summer.
See also: melt
References in classic literature ?
She deemed in her crime most to be repented of, that she had ever endured and reciprocated the lukewarm grasp of his hand, and had suffered the smile of her lips and eyes to mingle and melt into his own.
The hot hall has a melt-transfer chamber that stores the melt from the screw and then transfers the melt into the mold cavity by means of a piston/cylinder system.
Concurrently, a vacuum is applied to the chamber, which removes the air from within the shell mold and chamber and draws the melt into the mold through the central sprue.
The processing head splits the melt into multiple feed streams, each of which is gated separately to the mold.
In its simplest form, the process splits the melt into two identical feeds.