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Taste the pasta and, if you think it needs it, melt in even more cheese, up to 1/2 cup.
The chocolate kisses should melt in your hand, because chocolate's melting point is lower than the average human body temperature: 37[degrees]C (98.
Residence time of melt in the die-land region is so short that temperatures there can be set relatively high.
If we all attained the American--or to be fair the European--standard of living the world would not only run out of resources but would drown in its own pollution and/or melt in its own exhaust heat.
Dual-output power units make it possible to simultaneously melt in one furnace and hold with power in a second pouring furnace, increasing production up to 40% at the same KVA compared to a single furnace/single power unit system and by up to 20% compared to a 'butterfly' batch melting system with two furnaces and a single power supply.
To ensure that flux does its job effectively, it must be applied to the melt in a TABULAR DATA OMITTED safe and efficient manner.
Prior to the development of the solid-state systems, erosion of the refractory wall resulted in increased electrical demand due to a change in coupling between the coil and melt in the lower frequency systems.