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melon head

slang A stupid or foolish person. Don't listen to his advice! He's a total melon head when it comes to finances.
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vulgar slang Breasts, especially particularly large ones. A: "Wow, did you see the melons on that lady?" B: "Grow up, Dave."
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n. large breasts. (Usually objectionable.) Look at the melons on that babe!
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Nothing from a melon or watermelon goes waste -- its flesh, raw or ripe -- can be eaten directly or cooked as a vegetable, alone or in combination with other vegetables and meat.
Melon is one of the fruits containing higher range of essential macro and micro-nutrients (Jeffrey, 1990; Menon and Ramana, 2012) and its consumption in different forms and value-added products may play a role in dealing with malnutrition.
* Sweet Tangy Twist - an orange fleshed melon with a hint of citrus
Tesco melon expert James Cackett said: "The quality of UK grown melons has come on in leaps and bounds."
JUICY melons grown in the UK are fuelling a record demand for the fruit.
The season of melon starts from the beginning of March and goes on till July.
Sharon Mathias, who has been raised by Angeline Omina, a resident of Kangemi in Nairobi, is a spitting image of Melon. The two believe they are twins.
But Melon connected with Sharon Mathias through school.
ISLAMABAD: The sale of 'melon' a summer-specialty, is witnessing a surge in sale as price of the juicy fruit is less than other summer fruits.
class="MsoNormalSharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo reunited on Tuesday, nearly 20 years later, at Furfural village in an emotional meeting that has set tongues wagging.
Ice cream flavored with melon from Uzbekistan made by famous Italian chef Eugenio Morrone has won the second place.
A multi-state outbreak of salmonella could possibly be linked to the consumption of pre-cut melons purchased at grocery stores, health officials said Thursday. Kroger announced Friday that it is recalling its pre-cut cantaloupe, pre-cut watermelon and pre-cut melon mixes in Indiana and Michigan stores.
The ministry is keeping up-to-date on the issue and continues to tighten procedures on inbound rock melon shipments from Australia.- Alamy Image